Science of Sleep and Toddler Development

Written by Summer Hartman


What is the most important thing to remember about teaching and helping families is to bring peace of mind and sleep to each family. How do sleep and brain development work?

CDC says: “How the brain grows is strongly affected by the child’s experiences with other people and the world. Nurturing care for the mind is critical for brain growth. Children grow and learn best in a safe environment where they are protected from neglect and from ...

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Sleep Training Parents to Sleep Train their Baby

Written by Summer Hartman


We live in a world that expects perfection. The label sleep training is so controversial that we don’t really want to say it out loud because of backlash.


I have been training families over 14 years to nurture and guide their babies to sleep through the night. There are plenty of methods to do so. Not one family is the same, you must make a plan that fits for each parent and baby. We stress the need for consistency and follow through and a...

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How to Keep Your Toddler in Their Own Bed

By: Nicole Pelletiere

Ah, the pitter-patter of toddler footsteps at 3 am.  The sound is just as familiar as to where those footsteps are going to lead–your bedroom!  If you are feeling like your bed is not big enough for the three of you, rest assured that you are not alone.

While it may seem perfectly harmless to allow your little one to slip under the covers with you and your husband, it could forecast even more sleepless nights than you can imagine.

“Of course every...

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