Summer's Sleep Secrets

Certified Sleep Consultants

We are proud to share that the ones who have completed the rigorous training and education program complete all assignments + hour requirements, are certified through Summer's Sleep Secrets, and can apply to be board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 


How does the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Program Work?

Once you complete all education and assignments, plus the hour requirements, you will be certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant through Summer's Sleep Secrets. The next step is to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioner. 


Each certified sleep consultant has gone through our rigorous education courses.


Modules have assignments to help students understand how to best support parents. 

Program Coming 2023

We will be announcing our Brand New Program for 2023 soon! 


Over the last several years, the goal has been to have a fantastic community for our students to grow.

You can CLICK on the photos to learn about each Certified  Sleep Consultant.

Meet Carolina Romanyuk, Lisa Falkenstein, Sue McGlinchey, Gloria Young, Laura Corcoran, Katie Bishop, Jenna Clarke, Liz Odi, Shantelle Alliman, and Jan Foote.

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Our programs are accredited through the America Association of Drugless Practitioners