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Welcome to Summer's Sleep Secrets

We are here to help parents from the very first time they come home from the hospital, to parents looking for sleep support from 3 months to toddler. Each plan offers 24/7 support. Above you can choose from two buttons. Please click on Summer's Parent Support if you are looking for a newborn care specialist or sleep consultant. 

If you are a nanny, newborn care specialist, doula, or a parent looking to become a sleep consultant click on Summer's Teaching Program. We have several new teaching programs coming September 1st, 2020. 

The video below, you will meet (me) Summer and my passion for working with families. I look forward to working with you!

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Do you struggle with BEDTIME? Are you up all NIGHT? Have you felt HELPLESS and EXHAUSTED?

To have support when your exhausted is PRICELESS! What you have to decide is really what you can afford and the approach. A good sleep consultant/trainer will have several methods to teach from CIO to No Crying. My goal is to give you a more NATURAL parenting sleep approach.


"Summer was honestly and is honestly the best thing that happened to us and our little one. She not only got our baby sleeping though the night but she continues to help with milestones, she checks in, she goes over what they should be eating with menu ideas, she helps with teething she helps with making sure medication and food is properly the right fit for your child. I would recommend Summer 1000 times over and will continue to. She is amazing and we will have her on speed dial when the next one comes!"

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Sleep is SO important and you have a thousand options but WHY search any longer when you can talk directly to a sleep expert?

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