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Valley Certified Sleep Expert and Newborn Care Specialist Opens State’s First In-Person Scottsdale Clinic to Help Parents
The Clinic Will Give Valley Parents a One-Stop Shop for Newborn Care and Sleep Consultation



(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) For 30 years Summer Hartman has been traveling the world helping parents of newborns learn the secrets and techniques of caring for their newborn.


As a certified sleep expert and newborn care specialist, Hartman is proud to announce she is now bringing her expertise to a new Scottsdale office where she will have the opportunity to help even more Valley moms and dads will learn everything, they need to know from how to care for a newborn to swaddling methods, bedtime routines, and how to bond with baby.

Hartman parent consultant clinic is located inside the Kinnect Chiropractic offices with Dr. Nelli Kaplunskaya DC. Hartman is offering consulting services for preparing for baby 101 private class, newborn consulting, sleep consulting up to 6 years old.

 The parent consultant clinic allows parents to have support before and after the baby arrives. This is the first in the state for a newborn care specialist and sleep consultant clinic. 

Whether the baby is just a month old, four months old or a toddler, Hartman is excited to bring her sleep knowledge to families looking for their own custom sleep plan and support. She will walk the parents through the journey until their baby is sleeping 8-12 hours.


Ranked among the best sleep consultants in the world, Hartman is an International Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Sleep Consultant, Hartman is part of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC), Specializes in newborns to 6-year-olds and specializes in sleep training singles and multiples also specializing in reflux and colic. Hartman has worked with families via in-person, by phone or text and also virtually in many different capacities but she is most excited to now have a clinic where parents can visit her on a regular basis.


“This will be a great setting for me to meet and help many more parents,” said Hartman.  “We will still able to visit some families in their home and do remote visits but this will give us the opportunity to see and work with many more families and really help them achieve their goals in a shorter amount of time.” 


Among the services:

New Parent consultations

Newborn consultations

Sleep consultations

Custom Designed Sleep Plans

Custom Designed Routines

Nursery design and safe project lists

Overnight support consult.


Hartman’s sleep knowledge has allowed her to support more than 1,000 families world-wide and bring her expertise to others through her training program, which has grown to more than 270 sleep experts worldwide. Harman is also an Amazon Best-Selling Author

Hartman’s clinic is located at 14415 N. 73rd. St. Unit 109A in Scottsdale, Az 85260

For more information visit or call (866) 976-4944.



Press Release 

Sleep Consultant Summer Hartman Featured in 'Women Who BossUp' Book


Press Release



Sleep Consultant Summer Hartman Featured in ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book

Sleep Consultant Summer Hartman was interviewed on Women Innovators Radio Show with Host Tami Patzer about her participation in “Women Who BossUp” from Women With Vision International, created by Tam Luc.

Summer Hartman is ranked as a top 200 best sleep consultant by She is the Regional Director for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC) and  International Certified Newborn Care Specialist.

Summer is a sleep correspondent for NPR News,, and has been seen on AzLiving and is a regular guest on Talk Radio 1100 KFNX.

Summer is passionate about babies and has created a program that has allowed her to teach others. Summer works with newborns to age 6 years old. She specializes in sleep training singles, and multiples, also working with issues such as colic. She has worked with families in many different capacities in person, phone, text, virtual calls including Zoom.

Summer lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and two adult children.

For more information about Summer Hartman, visit

Summer is featured in Tam Luc’s Women Who Boss Up book. See


Listen to Summer’s interview on the Women Innovators Radio show.

About ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book Projects 

“Women Who BossUp”  profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties, or inspire change through relentless endeavors. Hailing from across the globe, diverse walks of life and varied disciplines including STEM, healthcare, finance, coaching, and non-profit, “Women Who BossUp”  is a welcome companion to any boss or boss in the making.

Current projects include Women Who BossUp: Women Of Color; ​Women Who BossUp: Corporate America; Women Who BossUp: Single Moms; Women Who BossUp: Give Back​Women Who BossUp: Health and Wellness; Women Who BossUp: In Tech; Women Who BossUp: Side Hustlers; and Women Who BossUp: Daily Habits.

The “Women Who BossUp” book project is accepting applications at

About Women With Vision International 

Women with Vision International aims to inspire, uplift, and empower women everywhere to never give up their dream of living their life on purpose. We gather dynamic, entrepreneurial women globally that are making a difference and changing people’s lives to spark conversation around the topics that impact us all such as building their business, fundraising, and balancing it around their family.

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Tam Luc has been an entrepreneur and investor since 2002. Being raised by two successful entrepreneurs, she always desired to create the exact same lifestyle as her parents. But instead: she struggled.

For 17 years as a side-hustling entrepreneur, “Stuck like Chuck,” Tam Luc was in a job she hated.  She had no time for all the things that were important to her until she figured out why.  She asked herself the question. “What the hell are you here to say?” She found her answer and discovered that her super-power gift is to help empower women to be seen and heard with brand message strategies.

She’s now a No. 1 best-selling author, speaker, blogger, and coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs monetize their message and create a lifestyle that gives them joy.

Tam Luc is the Amazon best-selling author of numerous books, including: “A Woman’s Side Hustle,” “There’s Somebody In My Room,” and “The Right End Of The Chase.”

“Let’s get clear on your message and use it as a tool to create products, customers, sales, and strategic partnerships, advertising, and content,” said Tam Luc. “If you are ready to clarify your message and monetize it, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd then we can definitely help you.”

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