What is Summer's Method and Tips?

Parents always want to know different ways to train their babies and there are so many different methods.

As a newborn care specialist that often works in the home and as a sleep consultant this method below has been one of my go-to training. 

First off you do not have to do cry it out approach. So, what are some good tips to sleep train your baby?


  • Set a good bedtime routine, I suggest parents pick a consistent bedtime each night.
  • Lay your baby in the crib as soon as your done nursing/bottle feeding. Drowsy but awake try soothing with your hand on the tummy and shush sounds.
  • If your baby does cry, you can pick up and soothe. Make sure to check for a burp. As soon as calm about 30 seconds lay back down.
  • Is your child standing? If so, you need to gently guide to a sitting position and teach them to lay down. This process can take 3-5 days with frequent check-ins.
  • This is a nudge approach you are guiding your child to sleep. Make sure to repeat as needed and be consistent.
  • Place your hand on the baby's tummy to soothe. As soon as baby calms, you can leave the room to repeat it as needed.
  • Your child begins to cry again. At this point, you can pick up, but only for 30 seconds, giving enough time to settle down, not go to sleep.
  • If your baby/child becomes upset with your hand on tummy, use shushing sounds to soothe and try avoiding touch.
  • Every time your child wakes you can wait 5-10 minutes to see if they settle on their own or you can do the above process.
  • If you want a faster approach with a modified CIO it is available along with the science behind why it does work.
  • Do you co-sleep? Lots of families will co-sleep, here are some guidelines to follow here. The AAP Guidelines do not suggest co-sleeping but keep baby in the room for 6 months.

For more details, you can reach out to summer through her website or email to [email protected]


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