Car Seat Safety for Your Infant

Did you know that babies are at greater risk when they become involved in car accidents? Using the right kind of car seat plays a vital role in your baby’s safety during travel on the road. And like anything else, there are a few things to acknowledge when considering the best option for your baby. Let’s take a look at five key points below:

  • Place your infant car seat rear-facing in the back seat of your car. Forward-facing is a dangerous option and should not be considered. Likewise, the vehicle's front row is equally as dangerous and can become life-threatening in an accident.


  • Be sure not to hang toys from the carrier's handle or have them dangling in front of your infant while you are driving. They can potentially become hazardous flying objects if you become involved in an accident. Instead, allow toys in hand or tucked in the sides of the car seat for your infant to play with. This will help to distract them and keep them content while on the road.


  • If you feel the need to bundle your infant before the drive, opt to use a light blanket or jacket instead of a think blanket or coat as you buckle them in. The idea here is not to smother them but to move about comfortably and safely in their seat.


  • Take great care in keeping your infant gently but firmly harnessed at all times while they are in their car seat. Loosening the harness or leaving your infant unbuckled while the car is in the drive can have dangerously serious consequences.


  • There should be bout an inch of space between your infant’s head and the top of the current car seat being used. Once you begin to notice their head touching the top of their seat, it is time to upgrade to the next size available.


Finding the perfect car seat that meets regulations is the first step to car seat safety. When you have found a model that works for your baby, be sure to register the car seat should it ever be recalled for safety reasons. To register, visit the manufacturer’s website. And remember! Car seats do expire. Keep this in mind as your baby continues to grow.


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