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Sleep Consultant Course

What makes a sleep consultant course stand out? 

Sleep consultant courses are becoming a dime a dozen. You can take multiple courses, and I often suggest you do.

What makes a good course?

Here is what to look for in a course:

  • The instructor has personal experience
  • Positive student results
  • Recognized organization 
  • Education and research
  • How to work in-home and virtual
  • Tools to Start your Career
  • Mentoring program

These are my top 7 requirements for taking a course.

Who is Summer...

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When can I get my Baby on a Schedule?


Today I saw a post in my Facebook group regarding baby schedules. Here are the facts on a daily schedule for babies? 

When you first bring a baby home, your focus is feeding and bonding; that's all you can do initially. It's a big job, but as you and your baby figure things out, you start to look online. Is there a schedule that will allow me to put the baby down?

Some say follow the baby's lead. In all honesty, it can be difficult because all you hear and see is the baby crying,...

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Summer's Secrets to Sleep While Working as a Newborn Care Specialist

Summer's Secrets to Sleep While Working as a Newborn Care Specialist


Sleep is not an option; it's something our bodies force us to do if we don't get enough rest. I was recently on a Talk Show "Living Real Tv" the first question from the host was, what is the one thing you value the most? Of course, I said my husband and coffee, but it is my sleep. 

I've been a mom for 21 years; as you can imagine, my sleep issues started with my babies, and as they have grown up, you worry about...

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Let’s Talk Breastfeeding! Ten Interesting Facts Every Woman Should Know

Let’s Talk Breastfeeding! Ten Interesting Facts Every Woman Should Know


Breastfeeding is an art all its own! They say there is a special and unique bond that takes place between a mother and her baby during breastfeeding. Though it comes with its challenges, there are several benefits to this trick of the trade!

Below you will find some facts you may not know when it comes to this delicate topic. However, it is important to note that breastfeeding is not the only way a mother can...

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Travel During Pregnancy

Travel During Pregnancy


One question that indeed arises when a woman becomes pregnant is, “Can I still travel?” The answer is yes! You absolutely can.

Many women find that it may be more challenging to travel their first trimester morning sickness and nausea can very quickly take over at any time. Something to note as one makes plans is that the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first three months. Taking it easy and choosing to give your body extra time to adjust...

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Guest Post : How To Increase REM Sleep And Why It's Important!

How To Increase REM Sleep And Why It's Important!


You may have heard several times about the importance of sleep quality, rather than just how long you should sleep. But how do you achieve that state of sleep that gets you feeling like a million bucks the next morning?

In this article, we are going to be looking at REM sleep and why it should be a priority concerning your health. We will also be sharing some points on how to achieve the quality of sleep that you deserve with some...

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