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Sleep Consultant Course

What makes a sleep consultant course stand out? 

Sleep consultant courses are becoming a dime a dozen. You can take multiple courses, and I often suggest you do.

What makes a good course?

Here is what to look for in a course:

  • The instructor has personal experience
  • Positive student results
  • Recognized organization 
  • Education and research
  • How to work in-home and virtual
  • Tools to Start your Career
  • Mentoring program

These are my top 7 requirements for taking a course.

Who is Summer Hartman? 

As a newborn care specialist, sleep trainer, and sleep consultant, it allows me to bring my 20 years of expertise in working with families and over 15 years of being a sleep consultant: best-selling author, and talk show host. I help YOU scale your business! 


There are a lot of sleep consultant programs out there, so what makes mine different?

One word: customization. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; every family is different, and every child has individual needs. My program is tailored specifically to each family, based on their unique situation and goals.

If you're looking for a sleep consultant program that will teach you to work with families and take the time to understand each client's specific needs, Summer's Signature Center of Pediatric Sleep Program is a good fit.

I take the time to get to know each family, learn about their routines and discuss their concerns. Then I develop a personalized plan to help them achieve better sleep for their entire family. 

Our goal as a team of experts is to teach you no matter where you are in your career. Are you a newborn care specialist, nanny, postpartum doula, or a mom looking to work from home? 

With our pediatric program, you will be going through our online course and receiving a weekly meeting with our team teaching you hands-on. 

Student Testimonial: 

Experience: I had the pleasure of starting Summer's Signature Sleep Course in September 2018. One of the unique features ofSummer'ss training and mentorship is the vast amount of experience she
draws on from her 20+ year career. The course is written in case study format, which is so
helpful for learning practical strategies and tips for handling various situations. I enjoy how
Summer shares what she does with clients and proposes other options that can
be used". Jenna Clarke -Summer's Sleep Secrets Pediatric Certified

What does Summer's Signature Center of Pediatric Sleep offer you as a sleep consultant?

I created my training back in 2017, and what I learned by teaching over 300 students was how important mentoring was after the training weekend was over. 

My program covers how to work in-home from day one with signed contracts for three month period (ability to make up to 5 figures in this time) or create a purely virtual business (and create the life you love) while making 3-4 figures per client; we are your team.

You will also learn the modalities of how to work with type A parents, as well as very sensitive/gentle cases.

You'll be equipped for all! Our philosophy is to be well versed in ALL sleep training philosophies so that you can make the best decision for that unique family you're working with.

We don't sway to only the one way, like just attachment parenting or only more direct approaches. Yet top education for both.

What makes you want to work with our program?

The only program you need is to create a sleep program for any parenting style and build a successful and scalable business as a sleep consultant or newborn care specialist.

-Marketing and sales training to attract and sell clients into your programs at premium prices.

-Learn a roadmap for successfully supporting your clients and get great testimonials.

-Get customizable scripts, contracts, schedules, and website copy templates to use in your business.

-Customized website design team with content. 

-Social media school with downloads for newborn care specialists and sleep consultants.

-Learn how to package and price your programs.

 What do we hear from people looking at courses? 

  • Questions Newborn Care Specialist ask?

  •  How to move this virtually?
  • How to make more money with ease?
  • What program sounds prestige?


  • Questions Sleep Consultants ask? 
  • Mentoring.
  • How to make the business process as simple as possible
  • Team support, so they don't feel alone.
  • More educated moms look for credibility.


Student Testimonial:

Experience: "Summer is an incredible teacher and sleep consultant. Her course is well thought out and informative. She puts her all into making sure her students feel supported and confident in their work. She also takes the time to mentor those who need it, which is a huge blessing as she is super busy. She's the best."

Haily Casper 

I've been mentoring since 2008; many students have a very successful business; here is one of my past mentees:

  • Taking Cara Babies- Cara came to me for mentoring in 2012. Over the years, I was able to help her with complex cases.  


What is the investment?

We offer packages that tailor to your needs as a consultant. Here's the thing, though. In my 20-plus years in this field, I find that a financially successful business has a healthy money mindset. Let's face it, how much the program will cost is a significant driving factor. I get it. And one major commonality for the top business owners in the world is that they constantly invest in the top mentors. You'll' be mastering this craft in days, which took me over 20 years. A money mindset can be the block you didn't realize you had, don't let money stop you from starting your sleep consultant career! The investment is up to you, and we offer payment options to help. To learn more about our pediatric sleep consultant program, go to our website to "become a sleep consultant."



Student Testimonial: "You're amazing, super sweet, uncommonly unique, mucho, marvelous, Really Rad; the program has so much information, and I'm thankful it's always available to review as situations come up." Liz Odi -Liz is currently enrolled in our platinum 12-month program. 


We Look Forward to Working With Your Family

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