Toddler Behavioral and Sleep Course

 Designed as continuing education for those looking to expand or deepen their knowledge of toddler sleep training for ages 2-6 years of age. Kylee's program gives you a step-by-step guide to coaching parents and confidence in coaching.

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Let’s talk TODDLERS.

Working with and sleep training toddlers is a different ballgame than infants! While many sleep consultants feel confident with infant sleep training, they aren’t as comfortable with toddlers. 

  • What methods work best with toddlers?  
  • Can you use traditional sleep training methods? 
  • What if the toddler is out of the crib? 
  • How do we undo months to years of undesirable behaviors around sleep?
Kylee Money, founder of Parenting Made Joyful, starts with addressing toddler behaviors and how to create loving boundaries that build the foundation for sleep training. This program gives you the tools to coach parents, not only on sleep training their toddlers, but the skills to help them understand their toddlers behaviors and provide solutions that bring the change they desire.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand more about toddler behaviors, positive discipline, how to get the desired behaviors, and the importance of consistency with boundaries
  • Be able to work with families of toddlers with sleep plans that promote positive reinforcements and loving boundaries
  • Help parents recognize their toddlers emotional needs while still being able to get the results in behaviors they desire
  • Feel confident is helping parents of toddler sleep train regardless of whether they are in a crib or toddler bed

This Course includes...

Behavior  Insights on:

  • First Principle- Understanding Power and Control 
  • Tools to give your clients to encourage the use of positive power and control along with reasons these tools positively impact a young child’s overall behavior. 
  • Second principle- Attention and Affection
  • Helping your clients learn the power and value of attention and affection to curb undesirable behavior. 
  • Third Principle- Boundaries and Expectations
  • Helping your clients see clearly where they are lacking boundaries, why children need boundaries, and how boundaries are misunderstood by most parents as the cause of meltdowns. 
  • Fourth Principle- Consistency and Follow-Through
  • Giving your clients the confidence to be consistent especially when things get hard, as well as why consistency matters.  
  • Fifth Principle- Positive/Proactive Discipline 
  • Teaching clients the most overlooked and easiest trick to use to cause great behavior to become the norm.

Sleep Training Insights on:

  • Kids 3-6 Who are out of the crib.
  • Kids 2-3 Who should still be in a crib, but aren't.
  • Naps & Quiet Rest Time for 2-6 years old.
  • Tantrum Management. 
  • Two Tiered Consequences System.
  • The 6 C's of Consequences. 
  • The Fair Communication Script.
  • Why we don't use a REWARD chart.
  • How to prevent crib climbing. 
  • Siblings sharing a room.


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