What people say about Summer's Services



"I attribute our baby’s sleep patterns to Summer’s awesome techniques and guidance."



"We are so thankful to her for helping us find Due North in the sleep regression storm. We needed her wisdom and she came in like a lighthouse!"



"It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have done this without Summer’s step-by-step, moment-to-moment assistance and guidance."


The thing about Summer that I especially loved is that she preaches routine, but with flexibility. When a certain schedule wasn’t working for my babies, we figured out together what will work, personalizing it to fit their needs and our needs as parents.


To be honest the thought of having someone I didn’t know come into my home and watch my child while I slept made me a little nervous- but Summer is one of the most experienced professionals I have worked with.


I was so nervous that it would get worse again after Summer left, but our routines are now set. We have our lives back. I owe her everything. I was so sad when she left after the fourth night, but we are good! Please just don't wait 3 1/2 years like we did!


Simply said, Summer is MAGIC. She has helped me through sleep training and transitions with both of my boys, and her suggestions have always been spot on and immediately helped the situation. Summer has helped me with everything from newborn schedule to my almost three-year-old's nap rejection. Her advice is practical and doable, and she works within the structure of my family.


Summer helped me when no one else would. She truly cares about what she does. She is extremely qualified and educated in sleep. With her support we got my 18 month old son sleep trained in 2 days. She is truly remarkable.


Summer saved me from sleep deprivation that was leaving me delusional and anxious. Summer helped me and my husband find a rhythm/routine that worked for our family!! From helping us with a swaddle, the right formula for our baby, talking to me when I needed emotional support, helped me catch up on the much needed sleep...you name it! She was the best thing we did for our family!!! A true professional and the best newborn care specialist!! 


Summer Hartman spent 6 weeks with our family April 2009 through May 2009 when our twins were born.  She was absolutely amazing with our babies and with us. She made our experience as new parents even more wonderful. When she left we felt like a member of our family had left. Summer is very knowledgeable.  She had our babies almost sleeping solidly through the night by 6 weeks. 


I am a mother of 4-month-old twin boys. I knew before they were born that I wanted to sleep train. When they came, I tried and tried and tried to eat play sleep and feed them every three hours.  This is all buy me during the day trying to work 40 hours from home and be a good mom. So needless to say, this didn’t happen.  I was just trying to survive daily physically and mentally.  So, I find myself at 3+ months living a chaotic nightmare. I was feeding them whenever they wanted, rocking them, and feeding them to go to sleep and found their naps to become only about 30 min at a time separately never together.  I did not have any time to myself or time to work, so I often was working after they were down for the evening and on the weekends with very little sleep. I attempted sleep training for a half of day with the boys at 6 weeks, then said they were too young.  Then I tried again at three months and gave up a half of day later.  A week before they were four months I had enough.  I did not have any help in the day, cannot go anywhere with this virus and was losing my mind. I saw a friend of mine Karey Northington posted something on Facebook with Summer and how she knew Summer for a while, and she helped sleep train her son. I was sold. I contacted Summer right away and she got back to me within an hour, (which is amazing I never get good response times from people these days). We set up a time to talk about what was going on here at my house and she was planning to come stay with us that weekend and help us through one night.  I spoke with Summer on the phone for 45 minutes and had a plan, a shopping list, and a game plan.  I was able to contact her with my million and one questions.  The first day was tough I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I reached back out to her and she kept me on track. By day two it was significantly better and by day three the boys were trained.  I didn’t need Summer to come help me overnight anymore. My husband was shocked this worked and so fast. 


I could not be happier with Summers services.  I was able to gain my life back.  She gave me the confidence in being a mom that I was struggling with. She reassured me it was the right time and what the boys needed.  I will definitely be forcing I mean recommending all my friends and family with babies to use Summers services.  Words don’t even come close to describing the joy our family has for our newfound schedule and lifestyle.  Thank you, Summer!!

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