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Do you want to Become Newborn Care Specialist and Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

We offer Additional Training Courses in Breastfeeding NCS Basic Class,  Nap Educator Class, Toddler Educator Class, and Ultimate Business Classes.

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  • Introduction to Newborn Care Specialist
  • Caring for Newborns
  • Feeding Newborns
  • Development
  • How to Work Overnight¬†
  • Sleep 0-16 weeks
  • Newborn Ailments
  • Different Cultures
  • Premature Babies
  • Multiples¬†
  • Postpartum Depression + Other Conditions
  • Intro to Reflux
  • How to Interview¬†
  • Downloadable workbook pages to take notes, plan, and keep as a reference.¬†Printed workbook available.
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Convertirse en un Especialista en cuidado del recién nacido

  • Introducci√≥n al especialista en cuidado del reci√©n nacido
  • Cuidando a los Reci√©n Nacidos
  • Alimentaci√≥n de reci√©n nacidos
  • Desarrollo
  • C√≥mo trabajar durante la noche
  • Dormir 0-16 semanas
  • Dolencias del Reci√©n Nacido
  • Culturas diferentes
  • Beb√©s prematuros
  • m√ļltiplos
  • Depresi√≥n posparto + otras condiciones
  • Introducci√≥n al reflujo
  • C√≥mo entrevistar "clase en vivo"
  • Contratos
  • P√°ginas del libro de trabajo descargables para tomar notas, planificar y mantener como referencia. Libro de trabajo impreso disponible.
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Se tornar um Especialista em Cuidados Neonatais 

  • Introdu√ß√£o ao especialista em cuidados neonatais
  • Cuidando de rec√©m-nascidos
  • Alimentando rec√©m-nascidos
  • Desenvolvimento
  • Como trabalhar durante a noite
  • Sono 0-16 semanas
  • doen√ßas do rec√©m-nascido
  • Culturas diferentes
  • beb√™s prematuros
  • M√ļltiplos
  • Depress√£o p√≥s-parto + outras condi√ß√Ķes
  • Introdu√ß√£o ao Refluxo
  • Como Entrevistar "Aula ao Vivo"
  • Contratos
  • Seis entrevistas com SAEs Profissionais
  • 20 horas de material de curso gravado
  • P√°ginas de pasta de trabalho para download para fazer anota√ß√Ķes, planejar e manter como refer√™ncia. Apostila impressa dispon√≠vel.
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Wow!! What people are saying! 

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Our virtual sleep consultant course and business cohort is a comprehensive mastermind program designed for individuals aspiring to become experts in baby sleep and establish their consulting businesses. Spanning over FOUR MONTHS, this course provides a structured learning experience with weekly teaching sessions that cover a wide range of topics related to infant sleep. Participants will learn about the science of sleep, sleep patterns and routines, sleep training methods, and strategies for troubleshooting common sleep issues.

The course focuses on theoretical aspects and offers practical training through case studies and real-life scenarios. Students will gain hands-on experience assessing sleep problems, creating customized sleep plans, and implementing effective sleep strategies. The weekly teaching sessions allow for interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and feedback from experienced instructors.

As part of the business cohort, participants will also receive guidance on setting up their consulting practice. They will learn about marketing strategies, client acquisition, pricing models, and establishing a solid professional reputation in the field. The course emphasizes the importance of ethical practices and building long-term client relationships.

By the end of the four-month program, graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide expert sleep consultation services to families. They will be equipped with the tools needed to successfully launch and manage their own baby sleep consulting business, positively impacting the well-being of both infants and their parents.




Welcome to the Gateway of Opportunity: Empowering Moms, Teachers, Nurses/RN, and Professionals in Newborn Care and Sleep Consulting!


Are you a mom yearning to build a fulfilling career from the comfort of your home, nurturing the tiniest bundles of joy? Or perhaps you're a dedicated nurse or teacher seeking a rewarding overnight career option? Look no further! Our comprehensive Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant Education certification programs are tailor-made for you.


For Moms Looking to Work from Home:


  • Embrace the Perfect Work-Life Balance: Our programs equip you with the knowledge and expertise to become a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant, allowing you to work from home while raising your family.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Discover the joys of guiding new parents through the exciting journey of parenthood, providing invaluable support, and making a difference in the lives of newborns and their families.
  • Flexible Learning: With our online courses, you can master essential skills at your own pace, accommodating your family's needs and fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.
  • Empower Others and Yourself: As a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant, you'll be a beacon of knowledge and comfort for new parents while enjoying the financial rewards of a gratifying work-from-home career.


For Nurses and Teachers Seeking Overnight Opportunities:


  • Embrace a New Chapter: Take your expertise beyond the classroom or hospital walls. Our programs enable you to become a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant, providing valuable skills during the crucial overnight hours.
  • Diverse Career Path: Diversify your career portfolio with an in-demand skill set. Join the ranks of respected professionals working overnight and making a profound impact on newborns' lives and their families.
  • Elevate Your Credentials: Add specialized certifications to your resume to stand out in your field. Show your dedication to continuous growth and excellence in newborn care.
  • Satisfy Your Passion: Unleash your passion for nurturing and caregiving in a new and rewarding way, offering solace and expertise to parents during those precious early hours.


Don't miss this chance to embrace a fulfilling Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant career. Whether you're a mom seeking work-from-home bliss or a nurse/teacher pursuing overnight possibilities, our programs will set you on the path to success.


Enroll today and embark on a journey of knowledge, empowerment, and endless possibilities! Let your aspirations soar with us.

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