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In-Person Sleep Training

Are you feeling overwhelmed with sleep training? Have you tried multiple methods, but you’re unsure when to go in and when to leave your baby to settle on their own? As a sleep trainer, we observe your baby and coach parents through the WHOLE process. 

Taking The GUESS Work Out of Sleep

Our sleep trainers will come in and take out the GUESS work of sleep training. You will have a sleep method designed for your baby’s needs. By hiring a sleep trainer, they will bring years of experience and teach you what needs to be adjusted to train your baby.

How Long Will it Take to Train?

Sleep training isn’t easy for anyone, but having someone help you walk through the process will give you peace of mind. Most babies can be trained between 1-4 weeks depending on the method you choose.

Services Include:

  • Support the family in teaching sleep skills.
  • Provide sleep coaching for the parents.
  • Follow a predetermined sleep plan and possibly make adjustments where needed. 
  • Report progress to parents each morning during training.
  • We arrive at BEDTIME; each shift is 12 hours.
  • The first night is observation, and a custom plan is developed.
  • We don't take feedings away at night until the child is ready.
  • 14 days of follow-up support.
  • 12 hr of overnight support is $ 560.
  • 24/4 in-person is $ 4,500. 

If you want virtual 2-week support, please check out my SIGNATURE PROGRAM on the main page.

Sleep Training DO's and Don'ts


Does this mean you need to remove all feedings at night? No, we can keep feeding one time a night if that is something you want to keep. Sleep training also does not mean your baby will NOT wake up at night. All humans wake multiple times and move around and get comfortable. The same applies to your baby or toddler.

One KEY element to sleep training is consistency after training. Babies can start teething or crawling, walking, standing in the crib all great and expected developments during the first year but can also disrupt the training you just paid for and completed. 

What is best is to allow a few days to get through the transition and go right back to your consultant's training as soon as the baby is ready.

Because of COVID, we are taking many precautions and we hope each and every family we work with is also taking those precautions.

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