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Are you TIRED of sleepless nights?


You're not alone! A recent study found that 62% of parents get less than 7 hours of sleep per night. That's why we offer Professional Certified Sleep Expert (CSE) to help you get the most out of your time with your new little one.

Paired with your Personal Sleep Consultant 

Fill out our sleep questionnaire and you will be PAIRED with one of our Summer's Sleep Consultants.

Meet your Personal Sleep Consultant

Your consultant will call you to schedule your FREE 10-minute consultation to go over sleep support. 

Your Sleep Consultant will make a custom sleep plan

We have a step by step process designed for your baby depending on what sleep method.

Lack of sleep during the first few months after having a baby can be tough on parents. 

Not getting enough sleep can lead to problems with mood, behavior, and cognitive function in both adults and children.

Solution: Summer's Professional Certified Sleep Experts (CSE) is here to help. We are a full-service sleep consulting company with over 20 years of experience helping parents and babies, as well as toddlers, get the best night's sleep possible. From diagnosing your sleep problems to prescribing the perfect solution, we have everything you need to start getting the rest you deserve.



$ 250

One hour Consultation


  • Parent questionnaire
  • Up to one-hour VIDEO consultation ($250) Value
  • Answer ALL your questions ($1100) Value
  • Access to recording ( $250) Value


$ 850

14 Days of Support

  • Office Hours 9 am-4 pm ($300) Value
  • Two 1:1 up to 30-Minutes Private Phone Calls ($398) Value
  • Check-Ins by Voxer as needed ($499) Value
  • Custom Sleep Plans will be Created in 24 hrs ($299) Value
  • Adjust Sleep Plan as needed ($200) Value


$ 1100

30 Days of Support

  • Office Hours 9 am- 4 pm ($300) Value
  • Four 1:1 up to 30-Minutes Private Phone Call ($796) Value
  • Check-Ins by Voxer as Needed ($499) Value
  • Custom Sleep Plans will be Created in 24 hrs ($299) Value
  • Adjust Sleep Plan as needed ($200) Value

Our TEAM is ready to Support You 100%

Does your baby struggle to connect sleep cycles? Are you awake multiple times a night? Are you looking for a custom support team? We are excited to bring a new team approach to sleep coaching. Our process is to pair each parent with the sleep consultant based on the parent's sleep methods. Instead of having one person supporting you, OUR teams work together to create a Sleep Game Plan. We are ALL experts in every sleep method -Sensitive/gentle, Ferber, Chair Method, Wave, Nudge, Extinction, and many more...

Tired parents everywhere are looking for ways to get their baby to sleep through the night.


It's hard enough getting a good night's sleep when you're an adult but trying to do it when you have a tiny human relying on you is practically impossible.

Summer's Certified Sleep Experts can help. We're experts in baby sleep consulting and have helped thousands of families get the sleep they need. Our methods are simple and effective, and we guarantee that your baby will be sleeping through the night in no time.


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