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How To Build A Successful Sleep Coaching Business

Welcome to the only program you need to create a sleep program for any parenting style and build a successful and scalable business as a sleep consultant or newborn care specialist.

Summer Hartman

Founder of Summer's Sleep Secrets & Certified Sleep Coach 


Summer Ranked top 200 BEST sleep consultants by

International Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant. Summer is part of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC) and Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC).

Summer is a sleep correspondent for NPR News, and has been seen on AzLiving & regular on Independent talk radio 1100 KFNX. 

Summer is an Amazon Best-Seller Author

The book is "Women Who BossUP."

Summer has over 26 years of experience working with families, first as a nanny, then as a newborn care specialist, and then as a sleep consultant. 

Due to illness, in 2017, she began writing down all of her knowledge and experience to forget anything. Within a year, Summer realized the wealth of knowledge she had far surpassed any training programs she saw out in the market for sleep professionals.

Since launching in December 2017, she has built an array of programs ranging from the science behind sleep to how to work with newborns and new parents, all the way to sleep training for babies four months to 3 years old. 

Today, Summer works with all kinds of clients - from celebrities to stay-at-home moms, lawyers, and doctors, doulas, nannies, newborn care specialists, and sleep consultants worldwide. 

She not only teaches students the ins and outs of sleep but focuses on building a successful career in the baby industry. Her program is for anyone in the baby industry who wants to expand their knowledge and enhance their career if you are currently working in the industry or are just getting started but desire to fast-track your success. 

"Join me and hundreds of others in a program designed to support you in achieving your greatness in your profession." 

xo Summer

Summer's Sleep Secrets Program:


Sleep Science/Gentle Methods

  • Baby Tech Support
  • Science Behind Adult Sleep
  • Science Behind all Sleep Methods.
  • Montessori sleep approach (NEW)
  • One New Gentle Sleep Method.
  • One New Holistic Approach
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Nutrition for Mother & Baby
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Types of Swaddles

Sleep Training/ In-Home Case Studies

  • Sleep Shaping
  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Working Nights 0-12 Weeks
  • Booked Months in Advance 0-16 Weeks
  • Sweet Southern Baby 10 weeks
  • Late Bedtime 0-4 Months
  • Sleep Training
  • Frantic Momma 4 Months
  • Little Minion 5 Months
  • Going Crazy 6 Months
  • Hyperactive 9 Months
  • Blondie 12 Months
  • Failure to Thrive 9 Months
  • Musical Beds 3 Years Old/ 8-Month-Old
  • Coping with Sleep Regression/Transition


Consultations Video/ In-Home

  • How to do Consultations
  • Bouncing Off the Walls 2-Year-Old
  • Granola Mommy 13-Month-old
  • Sweet Child of Mine 2-Year-old
  • Too Much Bedding 6 Months
  • In-Home Consultations
  • Twinkies 9 months
  • Double Trouble 18-Month-Old Twins
  • Panic in the Nursery 3 Day Old
  • Sample Sleep Plans 3 Months Old
  • Sample Sleep Plan 2-Year-Old
  • Thinking outside the box Questions
  • Research
  • Video Consultation Examples
  • Marketing
  • Consulting without sleep plans.
  • How to write sleep plans.
  • Welcome Home Packet

Beyond Newborn Care Specialist Course

  • How to talk to parents?
  • Instruct parents on the job.
  • Leave detailed instructions/notes each night.
  • What does coaching teach parents about YOU?
  • Discussing with parents how they would like us to interact with the family
  • Why is it important to ask permission?
  • Don't get too close to family members.
  • Focus on mom and baby
  • Teach, Support, Focus
  • Teaching Staff/Nannies
  • Ask permission.
  • Write detailed instructions for staff.
  • Don't stress if they don't listen.
  • Multiples
  • How to feed twins together (bottle).
  • Triplets-feeding at the same time.
  • Teaching tandem feeding.
  • Make sure to gain weight.
  • Nursery setup.
  • Schedule
  • Write a routine to keep babies on the same schedule.
  • Coaching parents on why routine is important with multiples.
  • Babies different cries and what they mean
  • Weekly breakdown over 16 weeks
  • Bedtime routine
  • How to train multiples to sleep.
  • Why it can take longer to train up to 6 months.
  • Safe Sleep
  • ABC of Safe Sleep
  • Liability
  • No doc a tot or unsafe bedding
  • How to talk to your client about safe sleep
  • Lactation and Sleep
  • Pumping.
  • Be encouraging.
  • Why establishing nursing is important for baby and mom.
  • Yes, mom can nurse, and baby can sleep through the night.
  • When to see issues and support.
  • Work ethics
  • Building a team


Carolina Romanyuk

Certified Consultant Coach


It all started in the Summer of August 2014 when Carolina Romanyuk needed to find a solution on how to get her 2 sons ( 2 under 4 at the time) to get consistent sleep at night and for naps. Why? Because she couldn’t focus at work, she was always tired and miserable, spiraling into depression. That summer, she found the answer and became a Certified Sleep Consultant with the Family Sleep Institute.

Shortly after, Carolina decided to leave her nine to five corporate job with the sharks near Wall Street to follow her dream...opening up her own private pediatric sleep consulting practice. 

Carolina became the pioneer in New York City to set the high standards for sleep training in her area amongst other sleep consultants. Creating a program that has proven for over 1000 successful sleeping families worldwide, all using her Sleep Trifecta System ™ and showing tired parents that you can achieve blissful sleep with minimal tears for all. 

Since then, Carolina has mentored over 200 sleep consultants and received a dual Sleep Training certification through Summer Sleep Secrets, specializing in Newborn Care Sleep.

Carolina has been awarded as one of the top 5 NYC sleep consultants, is a nationally recognized speaker and educator, with t.v. and radio voice appearances, and even her articles can be found on some of the most visited parenthood sites on the internet, such as the Huffington Post. Her dedication to her work was recognized by the director of Pediatrics at a local NYC hospital. She was the first Sleep Consultant ever to be invited to teach at Grand Rounds in the Pediatrics division. Alongside volunteering her time to an Award-Winning Sleep Doctor in assistance with case studies for adult sleep apnea and participating in data studies for the first oral dental appliance invention to relieve sleep apnea, you can find Carolina writing books like” Good Night Melanie, Good Morning Cory” (featuring Melanie Melatonin and Cory Cortisol), which is sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As well as helping tired parents across the globe through her popular Facebook LIVE show, Sleep Conversations With Carolina, totaling over 150,000 viewers and mentoring other sleep consultants on complex cases. Carolina works worldwide through virtual and in-person sessions. For fun, she loves dancing (Spanish tunes are her go-to), laughing, and just being in the moment with her friends, family, and most of all, her amazing husband and two well-rested and adventurous boys. 

Laura Corcoran 

Certified Consultant Coach


Laura, a married mother of 4, felt a calling to be a newborn caretaker since childhood. Although she holds a BS in Interior Design from Syracuse University and has worked in the design industry for many years, she always maintained her passion by volunteering in the Neonatal ICU while raising her four children. For the past two decades, Laura has devoted her time and energy to providing the highest standard of best practices for newborn care and sleep from womb to world in tandem with educating and training new parents and Newborn Care Specialists. She has collaborated with and been recognized by Pediatricians, NICU Doctors, OBGYN Practitioners, and Oral Surgeons while assisting her clients in getting the finest care for their babies. 

In this valued position, she travels nationally for 24-hour care and supportive services to help her clients quickly assimilate into their new roles. Laura believes everyone should feel this level of support to develop a safe, nurturing, and educational experience around newborn care. Laura is eager and excited to share her expertise and be an integral part of the Summers Sleep Secrets team and contribute to their expansion in this industry that she is highly passionate about supporting.

Kylee Money

Toddler Coaching Program


Kylee Sallak is the Founder and CEO of Parenting Made Joyful, a sought-after parenting coach, and a pediatric sleep consultant. Kylee has nearly two decades of experience working with parents on everything from sleep training to behavior management, potty training, and more. Kylee is also a frequent contributor to award-winning parenting resources such as Pampers and a parenting expert for FOX and CBS News. 


Behavior Modules-

The first principle- Understanding Power and Control 

Tools to give your clients to encourage the use of positive power and control along with reasons these tools positively impact a young child’s overall behavior. 

The second principle- Attention, and Affection

Helping your clients learn the power and value of attention and affection to curb undesirable behavior. 

The third Principle- Boundaries and Expectations

Helping your clients see clearly where they are lacking boundaries, why children need boundaries, and how boundaries are misunderstood by most parents as the cause of meltdowns.  

The fourth Principle- Consistency, and Follow-Through

Give your clients the confidence to be consistent especially when things get hard, as well as why consistency matters.  

Fifth Principle- Positive/Proactive Discipline 

Teaching clients the most overlooked and easiest trick to use to cause great behavior to become the norm. 

Sleep Training Modules-

How to safely keep your toddler in the crib until three or as close to it as possible.

How to keep your 3-6-year-olds in their own bed/room without needing your clients to stay with them. 

Checklist of items you will need before you begin for kids out of the crib.

April Beach

World-Renowned Business Coach


April is an online business development expert for women entrepreneurs developing their company around family. She’s a speaker, business design expert, podcast host, nonprofit founder, and mom of three boys. In 2006, April created the Parent Coaching Industry and launched a new sector of parent-focused businesses internationally. 

She has hosted the top-rated “SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast” and has consulted female entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses for 25 years. April has been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, in the New York Times, and Austin Women’s Magazine and featured by Patagonia. She was named the Greatest Thinker of 2011 by the Denver Post. 

April and Summer Sleep Secrets is in partnership with Baby Planner Inc. her program was created as a 30-hour online business coaching program for the baby coaching industry. 



  1. PREP: Welcome & What to Expect
  2. NAVIGATE: How To Navigate This Course
  3. OVERVIEW: Course Overview & Checklist
  4. OWN IT: Mastering Your Business Tasks
  5. BALANCE: Balancing Work & Family Life


  1. MASTER: Master Your Business Goals
  2. PLAN: Do You Need A Business Plan?
  3. QUICK: How to Create A Business Plan Quickie
  4. MAP: Your Step-by-Step Guide To Launch Your Business
  5. MODEL: Your Business Model
  6. RECAP: What You've Completed & Special Bonus
  7. WHY: Your Business "Why" Is All That Matters


  1. BRAND: Welcome To Branding Your Business
  2. WHAT: What Is Branding?
  3. OBJECTIVE: Create Your Unique Company Description
  4. CLIENTS: How To Find Your Perfect-Fit Clients
  5. COMPETITION: What Makes You Unique? 

  6. STATEMENT: Your Brand & Business Statements

  7. KEYS: 3 Important Keys To Success

  8. STORY: Plan Your Very Own Story

  9. NEXT: Recap & Next Stop Design


  1. DESIGN: Welcome To Design!
  2. LOGO: How to Get A Logo That's Perfect
  3. WEBSITE: Types of Websites & What's Right For You
  4. PAGES: Pages To Include In Your Site
  5. ADVANCED: Website Advanced, SEO and More
  6. SOCIAL: Social Media Design & How to Choose Photography
  7. PRINT: All About Printed Design, Brochures & More
  8. WRITE: How to Write The Perfect Words For Your Business


  1. MARKETING: Intro To Marketing
  2. EMAIL: All About Email Marketing
  3. WEBSITE: How To Attract & Market From Your Website
  4. SOCIAL: Social Media Marketing
  5. POST: Where To Post & Reach Your Clients
  6. TOOLS: Social Management Tools

  7. BLOG: To Blog or Not? 

  8. PROOF: Social Proof & How to Get Testimonies

  9. ADS: Ads & Paid Marketing, Do You Really Need Them?

  10. REVIEW: Work Smarter Not Harder

MODULE 6: LAUNCH (or relaunch)

  1. CLIENT: Establish Your Client Management Systems
  2. PARTNERS: How to Build Winning Partnerships
  3. PR: PR That Works & Creative PR
  4. GRADUATE: It's Go Time



Exactly how to meet with clients, sell your services, and the perfect words to say.

  • The Selling System Part 1
  • The Selling System Part 2
  • The Selling System Part 3
  • The Selling System Part 4


  • VIRTUAL: Benefits of Virtual Coaching
  • NAME: Picking Your Company Name



Lisa Falkenstein & Ashley Rainey

Website Design Team


Ashley and Lisa both have backgrounds in doula work, working as newborn care specialists, and being small business owners.  Lisa is also a graduate of Summer’s Sleep Secrets program and works as a sleep coach. Their skills in the doula, birth and sleep coaching industries, combined with Nurtured Endeavors design and content creation services, are the perfect match and the best team to have in your corner as you embark our your sleep consulting journey. Together, they bring over 20 years of experience.



Glory Young

Mindset Coach & Sleep Coach

Gloria Young is passionate about empowering mothers on the road towards parenting success. As a mother of four (!), Gloria understands firsthand the challenges and unique requirements of a growing family. She founded Magnolia Baby Company out of empathy for new mothers and the dire need for external support to ensure a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Founder Gloria (a.k.a. Miss Gigi) is an experienced certified Newborn Care Specialist and certified pediatric sleep consultant. Gloria also oversees our sister company, Blissful Dreamer, with a special focus on sleep conditioning and sleep training.

Gloria is an experienced certified Newborn Care Specialist graduating from two distinguished programs: Gentle Ventures and Newborn Care Solutions. She is also a certified pediatric sleep consultant graduating from both Sleepwonders and the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting.
Gloria offers profound knowledge in all areas of motherhood with additional qualifications including:
• Certified Birth Doula and Lactation      Consultant graduating from CBI
• Certified Reiki Master
• Certified Yoga Instructor
• Certified Parent and Life Coach
• Associate degree in Business Management

In addition to these qualifications, Gloria is a meticulous and thoughtful worker excellent at multitasking while maintaining a calm demeanor; extremely helpful during the stressful transition of bringing a new baby home.

Her many years of experience working with children other than her own coined the nickname “Miss Gigi”. Gloria thoroughly enjoys guiding new mothers and fathers through methods assisting them in becoming more productive, effective, and most importantly understanding parents.

Miss Gigi is a proud mother of four children herself happily married to her husband James of 19 years. She is a quintessential New Englander residing in North Central Massachusetts enjoying the great outdoors, baking cooking, and good old-fashioned family time when away from work.


Stacey Wodin

Social Media Coach


Stacey is the visionary and creator of Stellar Lifestyle Management. She prides herself in providing her clients with the best services to make their busy lives’ run smoothly.


Stacey’s career spans over 20 years – she has a variety of experience, wearing many hats in this industry, ranging from roles as a nanny, to a house manager, from a private personal assistant to roles in estate management. She is a native Angelino, a mother, and a devoted industry professional, looking to build strong relationships with her clients. She believes that her two most valuable assets are her network and her reputation. 


Stacey’s role has come in many forms, but one thing has remained: her love for being an intricate part of an ever-growing industry. She strives for continued success, not just within herself but with her peers and those moving in the same direction. She is someone who continues to gain momentum by helping everyone in any way she can. Stacey does it all with her eyes on the big picture.

From Summer:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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Summer is absolutely amazing, she is supportive, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable.

-Savannah Delgado

She puts her all into making sure her students feel supported and confident in their work.

-Hailey Casper

Beyond newborn care, the course presents the comprehensive newborn care training I’ve been looking for!

-Theresa Raabe

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