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Let’s say you want to take the baby and go shopping. I’m going to describe what a day can look like when you go out. Your goal is to feed the baby every 3 hours 7, 10, 1, 4 and 6:30p. You would start your morning with a bottle/nurse at 7:00 am.

Notice your little one is getting tired at 8:15a. I would put the baby down in the crib for a morning nap depending on the age of your baby turn on your sound machine and use blackout curtains, swaddle if needed. The nap should be until 9:45/10: 00 am.  I would suggest you take a shower and get ready while the baby is down. At 10:00 am baby wakes up, I suggest you have everything in the car except car seat. You can choose to continue to get ready while baby sleeps and at 9:45/10:00a you wake to feed the baby before you head out for the day.

It’s time to go so you head to store, you notice the baby is falling asleep, let them. The nap last 45 minutes, this is normal and completely fine. Run your errands, you get home about 12:30 pm. I like to give the baby a few minutes to play and do tummy time they will have lots of energy to expel because of being in a car seat. To get back into a routine I will wait to feed tell 1 pm.

If you are feeding solids I would feed lunch at 12:45p and then give a bottle before his/her nap 1:00/1: 15 pm. After bottle, you notice the baby is tired go ahead and lay in the crib turn on the sound machine, blackout curtains and swaddle if needed. Baby takes a 1-hour nap, go in when they wake up. Its playtime on the floor mat or other toys, the baby is fussy and it’s 3:30/4:00p go ahead an try to feed a bottle/nurse. It’s only been 2.5/3 hours and it is completely fine. Now your little one is tired it’s 3:45/4:15 pm go ahead and lay in the crib, during this nap it’s a total 1hour and 15 minutes it’s a good nap.

It’s 5:00/5:15 pm I would bring out to hang out while you make dinner, lots of floor time and bouncing if old enough. Baby may start to get fussy around 6 pm. I would start bath and bedtime routine and by 6:30 bottle/nurse and lay in bed by 7:00 pm lots of kisses and good night. Let’s see how many hours did they get for a nap… total naps are 4 hours and 30 minutes! Pretty good… and you got out for the day!

I’m writing this because I talk to a lot of clients who don’t know when to go out on a routine. The more relaxed we are the less stress we show to the baby.

So get out and enjoy your day!

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