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Sleep Tip #1:

Coaching families to reach their sleep goals. Here are my tips and tricks.

Having the right sleep conditions is key to training. So, here are 2 tips to have in place:

  • Make sure your baby is getting enough ounces during the day.
  • Follow a daytime routine.

I have a lot of clients ask if they should day train and night train together. The answer is yes! Why is this important? Because the days make the nights. Baby learns how to sleep in his crib during the day and it smoothly transitions to the night. So, if your starting, I would suggest doing so in the morning. Pick a wake up, usually, 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. every day wake baby at the same time.


Daytime Tip #2:

Here is what we suggest setting up the right conditions:

  • Daytime- Feedings and naps need to be on a schedule. (Book a consult to build your schedule.) I can create a personalized routine based on each family’s needs.
  • Bedtime routine- this should be at the same time every night. The routine should be a bath, book, bottle/nurse, bed.



  • Toddlers- make sure they have no electronics 1 hour before bed. Also, I suggest parents allow 20 minutes in their bedroom of free play. When the timer goes off, they know it’s lights out.
  • Co-sleeping- training your baby or toddler from co-sleeping here are some things to try.
  1. Add a small mattress next to your bed or across the room to wean from your bed. This allows you to still be near.
  2. If you are nursing have your baby or toddler lay next to dad so your less accessible. When you start training set a time in your head when you will breastfeed.

For more tips and tricks please set up an appointment!


Top Products Tip #3:

Top sound machines to purchase:

  • Hushh by “Marpac” is my favorite sound machine. This sound machine has a lower tone and is portable.
  • Kinder by “Lectrofan” this product is run by your phone and has its own App.

Sound machines are the most important item for sleep training. You need something that will be loud enough but not too overbearing. Make sure to ONLY use 1. No need for multiple sounds. Best place to place your machine is across the room with the volume up.

 When to start training Tip #4:

When do I know my baby is ready to train? What age do you start?

  • Each baby is different when they’re ready to drop feedings during the night. What I tell my clients is when baby starts to sleep longer and longer along with reaching more ounces during the day you know it’s time. For more tips click here.
  • Age is a factor. We can sleep shape 0-3 months and sleep train 4- months and beyond.

Sleep Training Tip #5:

What are sleep shaping and sleep training?

  • Sleep shaping- is when you first come home from the hospital and we start implementing a routine. The routine starts out with swaddling for all naps and bedtime. Then we work on a feeding routine that is best for the mom and baby. We start stretching baby around 6-week mark to sleep a little longer each night. As you can tell it’s a very gradual approach to training.
  • Sleep training- this is a quicker approach. We start sleep training around the 4-month mark and we do this because the baby is showing that he/she is having a transition from swaddle is waking more and more at night and this is a good time to start. We can train in 3 to 5 nights.

What is the best way to sleep train?

That is completely up to the parents. We can ONLY guide and give the tools. The great thing about hiring a sleep consultant is that they are taught every method and trained to teach parents multiple ways.

Example #1: Mom with a 4- month old she has given us 3 days to train! What method would we use?

  • Modified Cry-it-out
  • Ferber

We have to determine what is going to work for each client. In this case, we did the modified cry-it-out with 4 check-ins over the night by the third night he slept 7 p.m.-7 a.m. Each family and baby react differently so we have to be on our toes!!

Example #2: I teach a gentler approach by holding baby’s feeding off each week by 1 hour every 3 days. This allows to naturally move baby’s feeding down through the night.

The sleep consultant should have multiple ways to train a baby. We sometimes have to use ALL methods on one client because one way isn’t working. This is why it’s good to hire a sleep consultant.


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