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11 reviews for In-Person Training Class

  1. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course


    I first met Summer at a conference in 2016. I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to connect with, learn from and grow. I am so glad I kept in touch with her! She has been an amazing mentor these last 4 years. I am so proud of all she’s accomplished and I am grateful for what she is doing for our industry. Summer has a heart of gold and I can always rely on her to give honest and unbiased feedback. I highly recommend you take any training or course she puts together. Her prices are fair and information and techniques are backed by research and many, many years of hands on experience.

  2. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course


    Even before I signed up for Summers Sleep Secrets I knew it was going to be great! Summer is an amazing person, teacher and mentor. Her class is worth every penny and the mentorship is worth its weight in gold! Anytime I have a question or concern whatever Summer suggests works, I have learned more then I thought possible through the course and ongoing!

  3. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Mia Pino

    Summer is incredibly wonderful. She truly has a passion at teaching as well as she’s got a wealth of knowledge. Loved her class, and learned so much in spite of my 20 years plus experience as a NCS. She’ll Mentor you forever once you take her class. I would take class over and over again! ❤️ I truly adore her! She’s there for you anytime you have a question… just amazing and a blessing to have her as a mentor!

  4. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course


    AMAZING!! After investing in other online trainings that left me speechless. Not because of what they taught, but bcuz of the lack of information given. I was a little skeptical in investing on another online training. I was very wrong! Summer’s training is so different from others. There is so much she shares in her course. She is there to answer any questions during and after course offering continuous support. She is very reliable, will always answer any questions you have. If your thinking about getting her online training, DO IT!! There really is no other training like hers. Im so glad i was referred to her. The unconditional support she gives you is PRICELESS.

  5. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course


    I give Summer’s course 5 stars because not only is it JAMMED packed with helpful information to help me start my journey as a sleep consultant/training, but the mentorship that I received during and after the course is a blessing! She really takes time out to ensure that she answers any questions and helps out as much as she can. I ask a lot of questions and she answered each one in detail and has continued to lead me in the right direction. If you are looking for a course that gives you substance instead of FLUFF this is it!!! I look forward to working with Summer more and happy that I made the decision to take this route!

  6. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Maria Lemos

    I bought her class in Los Angeles to learn more about sleep training and sleep conditioning. Omg, the best decision I have ever made. Not only you learn everything about sleep training but also, she explained you stuff about newborn care that I have no idea ( and I took several courses about newborn care).
    Great mentor and amazing human being. 100% recommend it.

  7. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Catriona Mc Gee

    I have been researching sleep courses for the last 3 years when I came across Summers course. I definitely picked the best course to do!! Summer accommodated my group and came to San Francisco. The 2 day course was packed with routines, case studies, facts and Summer answered any questions we had. Not only was the course amazing. It’s the support you get following the course you can text email or schedule a phone call and Summer is super responsive. She answered all the questions I had, I had alot. The knowledge I gained from her course and advice. My clients infant at the time slept from 7.30 to 4 am at 6 weeks. My next clients infant slept from 7pm until 7 am this week at 9 weeks. Look no further than this course. Summer is a wonderful mentor so happy to have done her course. Thanks so much Summer!

  8. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Alisha Wiles

    I did a lot of research prior to taking Summers Sleep Course. I am a Newborn Care Specialist and a Nanny so I knew what I needed to learn but I wasn’t finding it anywhere until I found Summers Course. I loved that while she shared her experiences and methodology she also shared contract examples, offered support via facebook, text, and calls. I have been working with children for quite a long time. I know that one of the things I am good at is knowing what to do but I was horrible at explaining what we had to do and why to the parents. Summers Course really taught me how to better communicate with my clients. It also helped me learn some other ways of getting the babies and parents where I need them to be in order for me to help them reach their goals. Summer is a natural-born teacher, leader, and mentor. Her course helped me grow not only professionally but personally as well and I couldn’t thank her or recommend her enough.

  9. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Kim K. Morgan (verified owner)

    As a nanny who loves what I do with a passion, works primarily with newborns and on a mission to accomplish my dreams of starting my own newborn care business, I knew I had to learn more to be able to better help my clients. After completing my Newborn Specialist Foundational course, my next target was Infant Sleep Consulting and the name that was thrown at me was “Summer Hartman” that I had to take her course and she was one of the top in the industry to learn from about the science of sleep. So I set out and did some research to learn more about her and about her sleep consultant course, what I found was very interesting, so when I saw she was coming to Boston for one of her workshops I knew I had to do it. I traveled to New Jersey, slept at my girlfriend’s, home, then we drove to Boston the morning of the workshop. She’s very knowledgeable about the materials she offered, everything is so DETAILED and I love how she shared her own experiences in the book, they’re so relatable and acts as a guideline in your own work situations. After taking her course and applying what I’ve learnt with what I had already known, I was way more effective in helping my current family and getting my nanny kid to start sleeping through the night in two months. She not only teaches you at the workshops but she has a Facebook group where she continues to mentor you by offering additional materials, she responds to text and phone calls in a timely manner and is always ready, willing and able to answer ANY questions you may have.. I highly recommend this course as an investment you need to make in yourself if you’re within this industry. The amount of knowledge you gain is mind blowing… She’s a natural at what she does…

  10. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Mindy Werth

    Thankfully I met Summer on Facebook at just the right time. She is so quick to help everyone learn and guides and empowers her students and parents alike. I inquired about her Summer’s Sleep Secrets Class and she offered to chat on the phone to answer any questions. I immediately felt right at home, like we had been friends for years. I signed up for the class during or conversation, I was hooked.

    Finally, two months later, I got to meet Summer. Her class is well thought-out and she has a tremendous amount of experience caring for families. Summer offers so many examples of how to care for babies (and families) in the best way possible. Always in the forefront of her caregiving, is what is going to help families the most. All of her knowledge is thoughtfully shared with all of her students and she keeps things light with the best humor. Summer encourages camaraderie, so not only does the student learn amazing sleep conditioning skills, they also build a professional network of colleagues.

    It has been my fortune to have met Summer when I did – she is helping me become a better Newborn Care Specialist. Summer is now my friend AND my mentor. We should all have Summer in our lives.

  11. sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

    Tiffany Shank

    Summer is fabulous! I originally learned about her through a Facebook group for NCS/PP Doulas. As an experienced NCS and Sleep coach I have been thrilled with how much I have learned and grown. My goal was to be able to offer families sleep consultations, not just live-in sleep training support.

    Summer has been helpful, knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way as I venture into this new area. I would highly recommend her course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of sleep, sleep support and the science behind it and begin offering sleep training or sleep consultations!

    She is easy to get ahold of and that is so helpful in the learning process or even if you are trying to determine if this course is right for you!

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Requirements to take Summer’s Sleep Secrets Course:

  • Minimum of 5 years working with infants and toddlers.
  • Attended a Newborn Care Specialist Class or Postpartum Doula Training.
  • Read 3 sleep training books before class.

Options are below: Books to Choose From

What is included in the class:

  • Baby Tech Support.
  • Teaching sleep as a Newborn Care Specialist
  • Setting the Foundation for Sleep
  • Welcome Home Packet
  • Includes my Personal Client Contract
  • Advance 1-
  • Six Case Studies 0-4 months
  • Advance 2-
  • Six Case Studies 5 months – 3 y/o
  • 4- Months Sleep Regression
  • Consultations
  • 4- Phone consultations cases
  • 3- In-home consultations cases
  • Sample Sleep Plans
  • Thinking Outside Box
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Test Consultation with Summer Required
  • Test questions online after Class

Added Material

  • The science behind all sleep methods.
  • Two new sleep methods fast & gentle approach.
  • How to write sleep plans.
  • Coaching videos on consulting.
  • Business coach & health and wellness coach subscription.
  • A web developer is available just to Summer’s Sleep Secrets Consultants.

Sleep Science for… NEW 2020 Training

    • Toddlers
    • 4-months-12-months
    • Newborn-3-months

Private Facebook Group

  • Continued education.
  • Case studies discussed deeper.
  • A private group allows open teaching discussions.
  • Files are shared such as sleep schedules, sleep plans, and NCS contracts plus education graphics for advertising.
  • Personal mentoring as you take on more NCS and consultant jobs.

January 2020 New Program

  • The training will be FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY.
  • We will be adding Summer’s Sleep Science infant & toddler program.
  • Pricing will be $1597.00 it can be broken into 4 payments $399.25.


Certification Requirements- if you want to be a Certified Summer’s Sleep Secrets Consultant.

  • Must have completed the SSS test, 78 questions 90 minute test.
  • Read a minimum of 5 books on sleep training and write a 500 word essay for each book.
  • Create 3 sleep plans 12-weeks, 6-months, 15-month-old.
  • Write a 1000-word essay based on what you learned in the training.
  • Proof of 10- sleep consultations.
  • 500- hours of sleep consulting or sleep training within 2 years of your training.
  • Only those that have taken the full-course can certify.
  • Full background check -$50
  • Every 2 years renewal fee of $500 along with continued education.
  • 2-years to complete after attending an in-person or full online class.

Payment plans are ONLY available via the online course.

Approved course with ICNCS.

We are excited to have this be a totally different teaching style!  

sleep, Summer’s Sleep Course

Refund Policy- You will have 7-days to cancel from the time of purchase. NO refunds for no shows or if you attended a class. If for some reason you could not show you will have the online class available to you.