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This video series is based on parents' #1 issue, SLEEP. I filmed real mom's, and each one has a different situation. We cover co-sleeping, early wake-ups, newborn routine, daycare, and much more

Daily Sleep Plan 

The babies range in age from 12 weeks to 7 months. Each parent video is 30 minutes long. You will receive Daily Sleep Plans on every Video you watch. Depending on your baby's age you will be able implement.  

What is the PRICE?

We wanted to make this available to anyone who needs quick answers and make it affordable. These videos include 25 bonus videos! 

The Price is $ 47

Bonus Videos: 


  • Holistic and natural sleep approach.
  • Swaddle or not to swaddle
  • Sleep shaping
  • Sleep training
  • Good sleep habits
  • Feeding is KEY to sleep
  • 4-months transition period
  • Why use a sound machine
  • Blackout curtains 
  • Bottle feed and sleep

Bonus Videos:


  • Nursing and sleep
  • 6-month transition
  • 8-9 months transition
  • Case study 6-month old
  • Routine VS. schedule
  • Sleep shaping VS. Sleep Training
  • What is TRUE CIO?
  • When to start solids
  • Why is my baby waking up at night?


I offer a mindful sleep approach in my custom sleep plan; go to a sleep consultant page.

Take this information and implement it as long as your baby is healthy and gaining weight. Custom support plans are available. 

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Disclaimer: Each parent consultation permitted Summer's Sleep Secrets to film for educational purposes.


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