Parenting Made Easy Package


Parenting Made Easy Package

Consult includes: $ 4995.00

  • Newborn support package.
  • Custom sleep plans for 4-6-9-12 months.
  • Full analysis with questionnaire to best support parents.
  • In-home or video consultation (2 hours) every 2-4 weeks with Summer.
  • Coaching parents night and day while training.
  • Custom travel support.
  • Room design/evolution.
  • Custom designed newborn-toddler sleep plans.
  • Design naps and bedtime routines.
  • Coaching you to train your baby to sleep 12 hours (10-12 lbs) by 12 weeks and adjust as they age.
  • On going support for 12 Months by phone, text, email & video.


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