Nights Only Training


* Nights starting (7 pm- 7 am) 12-hour shift.

  • Summer will begin with a thorough intake and A full analysis of sleep issues your baby/child is having. This is done before the actual sleep training program.


  • Our sleep program offers parents several ways to train. Summer takes into an account you’re baby’s personality and parenting style. Summer will come in 3-6 days to sleep train. This can vary if parents want a slow approach.


  • Summer will arrive before bedtime to implement bath, book, nurse/bottle routine. She will arrive at 6:45 pm- 7:00 am this allows her to start from the beginning of the night.


  • You will receive a detailed report of baby’s process, reaction, and progress at the end of our time together which is very helpful to refer to later, memory recall is sometimes a challenge for the sleep deprived or overwhelmed new parent.


  • You can contact summer for a FREE assessment.


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