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8 reviews for In-Person Training Class

  1. Katie

    I first met Summer at a conference in 2016. I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to connect with, learn from and grow. I am so glad I kept in touch with her! She has been an amazing mentor these last 4 years. I am so proud of all she’s accomplished and I am grateful for what she is doing for our industry. Summer has a heart of gold and I can always rely on her to give honest and unbiased feedback. I highly recommend you take any training or course she puts together. Her prices are fair and information and techniques are backed by research and many, many years of hands on experience.

  2. Sue

    Even before I signed up for Summers Sleep Secrets I knew it was going to be great! Summer is an amazing person, teacher and mentor. Her class is worth every penny and the mentorship is worth its weight in gold! Anytime I have a question or concern whatever Summer suggests works, I have learned more then I thought possible through the course and ongoing!

  3. Mia Pino

    Summer is incredibly wonderful. She truly has a passion at teaching as well as she’s got a wealth of knowledge. Loved her class, and learned so much in spite of my 20 years plus experience as a NCS. She’ll Mentor you forever once you take her class. I would take class over and over again! ❤️ I truly adore her! She’s there for you anytime you have a question… just amazing and a blessing to have her as a mentor!

  4. Sandra

    AMAZING!! After investing in other online trainings that left me speechless. Not because of what they taught, but bcuz of the lack of information given. I was a little skeptical in investing on another online training. I was very wrong! Summer’s training is so different from others. There is so much she shares in her course. She is there to answer any questions during and after course offering continuous support. She is very reliable, will always answer any questions you have. If your thinking about getting her online training, DO IT!! There really is no other training like hers. Im so glad i was referred to her. The unconditional support she gives you is PRICELESS.

  5. Shaniqua

    I give Summer’s course 5 stars because not only is it JAMMED packed with helpful information to help me start my journey as a sleep consultant/training, but the mentorship that I received during and after the course is a blessing! She really takes time out to ensure that she answers any questions and helps out as much as she can. I ask a lot of questions and she answered each one in detail and has continued to lead me in the right direction. If you are looking for a course that gives you substance instead of FLUFF this is it!!! I look forward to working with Summer more and happy that I made the decision to take this route!

  6. Maria Lemos

    I bought her class in Los Angeles to learn more about sleep training and sleep conditioning. Omg, the best decision I have ever made. Not only you learn everything about sleep training but also, she explained you stuff about newborn care that I have no idea ( and I took several courses about newborn care).
    Great mentor and amazing human being. 100% recommend it.

  7. Catriona Mc Gee

    I have been researching sleep courses for the last 3 years when I came across Summers course. I definitely picked the best course to do!! Summer accommodated my group and came to San Francisco. The 2 day course was packed with routines, case studies, facts and Summer answered any questions we had. Not only was the course amazing. It’s the support you get following the course you can text email or schedule a phone call and Summer is super responsive. She answered all the questions I had, I had alot. The knowledge I gained from her course and advice. My clients infant at the time slept from 7.30 to 4 am at 6 weeks. My next clients infant slept from 7pm until 7 am this week at 9 weeks. Look no further than this course. Summer is a wonderful mentor so happy to have done her course. Thanks so much Summer!

  8. Alisha Wiles

    I did a lot of research prior to taking Summers Sleep Course. I am a Newborn Care Specialist and a Nanny so I knew what I needed to learn but I wasn’t finding it anywhere until I found Summers Course. I loved that while she shared her experiences and methodology she also shared contract examples, offered support via facebook, text, and calls. I have been working with children for quite a long time. I know that one of the things I am good at is knowing what to do but I was horrible at explaining what we had to do and why to the parents. Summers Course really taught me how to better communicate with my clients. It also helped me learn some other ways of getting the babies and parents where I need them to be in order for me to help them reach their goals. Summer is a natural-born teacher, leader, and mentor. Her course helped me grow not only professionally but personally as well and I couldn’t thank her or recommend her enough.

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