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Newborn Support

Are you pregnant? Are you having a single, twins, or triplets and feel overwhelmed? We offer day and overnight support for parents. Book TODAY for 9 months from now.

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Sleep Support

Are you exhausted? Stressed with NO sleep? Would you like to feel rested, confident, happier?  Want a more structured bedtime? Summer's program has limited spots.

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Toddler Support

Toddlers are full of energy and are changing at a rapid rate. Sleep disruptions and behavioral changes are very common. Summer assesses daily routine, food and sleep.

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HELLO, welcome to Summer's Sleep Secrets! I know you're EXHAUSTED and here to get some answers on SLEEP I'm excited to HELP you any way I can! Please take a look and feel FREE to book a consult TODAY.

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Frequently Asked Questions



In a way, a newborn care specialist is like Mary Poppins. It sounds funny and a little fanciful, in reality, we come in and take care of all your needs after you deliver. So, what does that mean?

The minute you walk in the door, we are waiting, or we arrive in the evening giving you time to adjust as a family.

Personally, giving you time to adjust is my FAVORITE thing to do.

So, what do Newborn Care Specialist do when they arrive? First is make sure mom and dad are comfortable, along with checking on your baby. Usually we sit down and go over any concerns, check on how nursing is going. If we feel mom is struggling, we will line up an IBCLC.   

Our main job is to take care of your baby at night so parents can rest without worry. We stock the nursery, make bottles, clean pump parts, baby laundry along with bringing baby to mom for nursing or we will feed the babies a prepared bottle.

The process is to make sure having a baby is seamless. I love my job walking in and instantly seeing what I can do to make things easier. As a newborn care specialist, we are specifically trained in all baby care and parent bonding. We offer education and resources. If we have concerns we will talk to parents and see a doctor.

Most contracts will be 12 weeks long. During this time frame, we are working with the daytime schedule, naps, feedings, and playtime. Setting healthy guidelines for sleep shaping. Which will allow us to guide your baby to sleep longer at night, because they are getting all the ounces during the day to slowly sleep shape during the night so by 12 weeks baby will sleep 10-12 hours which is the ultimate goal of a newborn care specialist.

Of course, all babies may take a little longer or shorter time to learn how to sleep. We have to consider the health of the baby to make sure he/she is growing and pediatrician has no concerns. Some parents want one feeding throughout the night which is no problem. Overall the welfare of the family is the most important part of our career.


Sleep Success through a more NATURAL Sleep Approach

Do you struggle with bedtime? Does your little one stay up all night? Have you felt helpless and exhausted? We have a natural and family friendly approach to training your baby. Will work with your parenting style bringing together peace and calm to EVERY bedtime. 

As a sleep coach we support and look at the whole picture. Our focus is the daytime routine and how many ounces your baby consumes, sleeping arrangements, daycare.

This is where it is helpful to hire an infant sleep coach, that will make a personalized more holistic sleep plan.

What about the pesky sleep regression (a.k.a. transition)? Transitions are periods when a baby or child is having a growth spurt! We help adjust your baby during this period. Each family will need to fill out a questionnaire allowing us to personalize your support. 

Summer Ranked top 200 BEST sleep consultant by Regional Director for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC) International Certified Newborn Care Specialist.


Summer started her career in 1996 working as a nanny in Washington D.C. She is a sleep correspondent for NPR news,, and has been seen on AzLiving & regular on Independent talk radio 1100 KFNX.

Summer is passionate about babies and has created a PROGRAM that has allowed her to teach others. Summer works with newborns to 6 years old and specializing in sleep training singles, and multiples, also working with reflux and colic. She has worked with families in many different capacities through in person, phone, text and VOXER. 

Summer lives in Phoenix Arizona with her husband and 2 adult children.

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We are excited to announce our Sleepy Bedtime Box!


I've always thought outside the box and now I actually have a box! Meet Summer's Sleep Secrets - Sleepy Bedtime Box!

We are now shipping everything you need to sleep train your baby! Since covid-19 life isn't easy leaving the house with an infant. Our goal is to make the whole process easy and peaceful in your journey to sleep!

Purchase and then fill out our form and we will mail you the box straight to your house. 

Book a FREE 10 Minute Call 

If you are wanting overnight newborn support you can fill out this form along with receiving our complimentary newborn guide. We look forward to chatting and making sure we are the right fit for your family. If you would like a sleep consultation or in person training we will schedule your complimentary 10 minute assessment right away. 

Disclaimer - The information/advice provided in each phone consultation and the entire sleep package is not medical advice. Reliance on the advice is solely at your own risk. The advice is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with common sleep issues that are unrelated to medical conditions. The information provided is not intended nor is implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your baby, and before following the advice or using the techniques offered in this consultation.

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