$2,799.00 USD

Pediatric Sleep Consultant Master Program

Welcome to the Pediatric Sleep Consultant Master Program by Summer. 

What you'll get:

  • Introduction to Sleep Consulting
  • Sleep Science
  • Sleep Routines 0-6 yrs old
  • Parent Mindset and Emotional Support
  • Research Breakdown
  • Sleep Assessment and Analysis
  • Creating Personalized Sleep Plans
  • Consultation Skills and Effective Communication
  • Supporting Parent Mindset Transformation
  • Advanced Sleep Training Techniques 
  • Business Coaching & Launch
  • Access to Contracts and Sleep Plans.
  • Branding & SEO 
  • Tips for Creating Consultant Packages that Sell
  • Mindset on Pricing 
  • Tips for Creating Your Social Media Accounts
  • Bonus 50-hour online Pediatric Sleep Consultant Course ($2,199 Value)
  • Sleep Training Book/ Materials

During the 4-month coaching program, we aim to equip you with all the essential knowledge and skills you need to establish your own consulting company. You will have weekly lessons and opportunities to meet with the instructors for real-time assistance and to address any doubts or queries.