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Disclaimer and Refund Policy

You are responsible for completing the training at your own pace or have 180 days to complete. This program is to enhance your own services and does not hold Summer's Sleep Secrets responsible for lack of growth or income.

Refund Policy

  Assuming you have not started your training, you have 7 days from purchase to receive a full refund. After that, there is no refund. However you will be offered the opportunity to proceed with the online training program.and the viewing of the latest Prerecorded Virtual Training. Also, you will be allowed to attend the next In-Person Training, or the next Virtual Training, whichever comes first. You are not loosing any value of the training when this occurs.


Code Of Ethics

  1. Serve their clients with integrity, honesty, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism.
  2. Charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services to be delivered.
  3. Establish a mutual understanding with clients about the objectives, scope of sleep plan, and sleep plan as well as realistic expectations about the results of the services to be rendered before accepting any assignment. If changes in the scope of work arise during the course of the assignment, negotiate adjustments in good faith.
  4. Treat all client information that is not public knowledge with confidentiality, take reasonable steps to prevent its access by unauthorized parties, and refrain from taking advantage of proprietary or privileged information without the client’s permission.
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof and immediately disclose to the clients any circumstances that may influence the consultant’s judgment or objectivity.
  6. Respect the intellectual rights of professional peers and not use their copyrighted information, materials, or methodology without permission. Refrain from misrepresenting or denigrating professional peers.
  7. Offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when it appears that objectivity or integrity may be impaired.
  8. Represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in relationships with clients, colleagues, and the general public.  Seek professional development opportunities as they are available.
  9. Refrain from advertising services in a deceptive manner.
  10. In the event of a breach of contract or terms regarding the code of ethics Summer's Sleep Secrets has the right to terminate the association. 

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Summer's Sleep Secrets Sleep Trainer Starter Program Black Friday SALE Ends 11/29/2021 11:59 pm

Self-paced, 30-Hour Course, Facebook Support Group, Videos, and a Complete Workbook - You can Upgrade to Summer's NEW coaching program at any time! 


  • Baby Tech Support 
  • Strength Test- Live class ONLY
  • Science Behind Adult Sleep
  • Science Behind all Sleep Methods.
  • One New Gentle Sleep Method.
  • One New Holistic Approach
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Nutrition for Mother & Baby
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Types of Swaddles
  • Sleep Shaping
  • Working Nights 0-12 Weeks
  • Booked Months in Advance 0-16 Weeks
  • Sweet Southern Baby 10 weeks
  • Late Bedtime 0-4 Months
  • Sleep Shaping
  • Working Nights 0-12 Weeks
  • Booked Months in Advance 0-16 Weeks
  • Sweet Southern Baby 10 weeks
  • Late Bedtime 0-4 Months

Sleep Training

  • Frantic Momma 4 Months
  • Little Minion 5 Months
  • Going Crazy 6 Months
  • Hyper Active 9 Months
  • Blondie 12 Months
  • Failure to Thrive 9 Months
  • Musical Beds 3 Years Old/8-Month-Old
  • Coping with Sleep Regression


How to do Consultations

  • Bouncing Off the Walls 2 Year Old
  • Granola Mommy 13 Month old
  • Sweet Child Of Mine 2 Year old
  • Too Much Bedding 6 Months
  • In-Home Consultations
  • Twinkies 9 months
  • Double Trouble 18-Month-Old Twins
  • Panic in the Nursery 3 Day Old
  • Sample Sleep Plans 3 Months Old
  • Sample Sleep Plan 2 Year Old
  • Thinking outside the box Questions
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Types of Swaddles
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • How to interview
  • Business in a box
  • Test Consultation with Summer Required
  • 75 test questions online after Class to receive a certificate of completion
  • This course in total is 30 hours.


What People Are Saying:

I give Summer’s course 5 stars because not only is it JAMMED packed with helpful information to help me start my journey as a sleep consultant/training, but the mentorship that I received during and after the course is a blessing! She really takes time out to ensure that she answers any questions and helps out as much as she can. I ask a lot of questions and she answered each one in detail and has continued to lead me in the right direction. If you are looking for a course that gives you substance instead of FLUFF this is it!!! I look forward to working with Summer more and am happy that I made the decision to take this route!

Shaniqua- Maryland

Summer is incredibly wonderful. She truly has a passion for teaching as well as she’s got a wealth of knowledge. Loved her class, and learned so much in spite of my 20 years plus experience as an NCS. She’ll Mentor you forever once you take her class. I would take the class over and over again! ❤️ I truly adore her! She’s there for you anytime you have a question… just amazing and a blessing to have her as a mentor!

Mia Pino- San Francisco

AMAZING!! After investing in other online training that left me speechless. Not because of what they taught, but because of the lack of information given. I was a little skeptical about investing in another online training. I was very wrong! Summer’s training is so different from others. There is so much she shares in her course. She is there to answer any questions during and after course offering continuous support. She is very reliable, will always answer any questions you have. If your thinking about getting her online training, DO IT!! There really is no other training like hers. I'm so glad I was referred to her. The unconditional support she gives you is PRICELESS.

Sandra Ochoa - Orange County