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Ask A Sleep EXPERT Video Series

Live Parent 1:1 Consulting Calls

What you'll get:

  • A 3-Month-Old Sleep Consult - Transitioning to Crib
  • Baby is 3.5 Months Old - Postpartum Depression and Sleep Issues
  • Baby is 4.5 Month Old - Co-Sleeping Family
  • A 5-Month-Old Sleep Consult - Issues are Naps and Going To Bed
  • 5-month Old baby- Co-Sleeper

Instructional videos 1-2 minutes long Newborn to 9 months old

  • Holistic Vs. Natural Sleep Approach
  • Swaddle or Not to Swaddle
  • Why a Sound Machine
  • Black Out Curtains
  • Sleep Shaping
  • Sleep Training
  • Sleep Shaping Vs. Sleep Training
  • Good Sleep Habits
  • Feedings are KEY to Sleep
  • Four Month Transition Period
  • Bottle Feed and Sleep
  • Nursing and Sleep
  • Case Study Six-Month-Old
  • Six-Month-Old Transition
  • Eight-Nine-Month-Old Transition
  • Routine Vs. Schedule
  • What is TRUE CIO
  • When to Start Solids
  • Why Baby may be Waking Up 


We created a class for parents to learn from other parents. Every situation is different, but the struggle to find balance is real. 

I walk the parents through my sleep processes and create a live sleep plan. 

Each parent gave permission to record and share as education.