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Summer was our newborn care specialist for our daughter – we hired her to start with us the week I got home from the hospital and came to our house four nights per week for the first seven weeks of our daughter’s life. She helped me as a new mom understand everything that was so unfamiliar to me- from how to get our baby on a regular sleep schedule, to answering questions about formula, reflux, fussy times, feedings, swaddles and swaddle transitions, the list goes on and on. I always had a list of questions for her when she came and she was amazing in answering them all and making me feel more confident as a new mom. Our baby has been waking only once per night starting around 4-5 weeks and now at 11 weeks just slept through from 8 pm to 7 am last night! Although Summer isn’t with us anymore I attribute our baby’s sleep patterns to Summer’s awesome techniques and guidance, and Summer is still always available via phone for questions as my baby continues to grow to new monthly milestones. I would recommend Summer to any new mommy even if just for 1 consult or 1 night.

Ashley V.


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