Overnight Newborn Care

What is a Newborn Care Specialist/Infant Specialist?

Our newborn care specialist/infant specialist is highly trained, most educated support you will bring into your home.

An infant specialist will come into the family’s home working overnights and sometimes 24 hours to assist the new parents in setting the baby on a healthy sleep routine, this is then preventing parents from sleep deprivation.

A newborn care specialist/infant specialist will come stay from the time you arrive home from the hospital.

Depending on how long you want support 2 weeks to 6 months but most infant specialist will stay 6-weeks to 12-weeks max.

As a Newborn care specialist/infant specialist (a.k.a baby nurse or night nurse) we are trained individuals and knowledgeable in all aspects of infant care.

As an infant specialist, we bring our knowledge and will help parents with proper nursing techniques, pumping, bottle feeding, infant soothing, sleep methods, reflux and colic issues, proper nutrition for baby and mother.

We will bring the baby to the mother if she is breastfeeding during the night.

Will clean bottles, bathing, prepping for bottles the next day, swaddling, nursery set up, initiating a healthy daytime schedule and sleep schedule which includes eating, playtime making sure healthy positive environment is established from the very beginning.

Overnight Newborn Care 

Are you looking for support with an overnight newborn care specialist or postpartum doula? Please contact Summer to go over different packages.

  • Overnight Care
  • Emergency Overnight Care
  • Infant Sleep Training
  • Sleep Coaching
  • Newborn Care Coaching
  • Full Sleep Analysis “correct bad sleep habits”
  • Reflux/Colic Relief
  • Around the Clock Infant Care (24/7)
  • Multiples and Preemie Care
  • Preparing Baby’s Nursery
  • Traveling Companion

$ 25-45

Short Term 24 Hour Care  (4 days-8 weeks) 

Are you looking for 24-hour care? Are you a family that wants a little more support. Summer will come in and teach all caregivers. This is perfect for the family that wants to be on the right path to good sleep from the very beginning. Summer will come in and teach routines, swaddling, nursing, bottle feeding, gentle sleep habits, nursery setup. She will implement a daily activity log along with everything to adjust new parents or to a new sibling.

Contact Summer regarding different packages.

Infant Sleep Training ( Fast Approach)

Summer’s sleep training program is based on years of experience and proven methods. Your family will receive a customized plan that will provide you and your child sleep within 3-4 days. She will tailor a plan based on babies personality and make SURE all your needs along with babies needs are met!

Once you have the day chosen to begin, Summer will spend 24/7 for 3-4 days implementing a proven sleep method to have all of you sleeping through the night by the time she leaves. You will continue to have 3 weeks of UNLIMITED support to ensure that sleep continues.

Gentle Sleep Approach

Our program understands the concern about your babies circadian rhythm. This program is for parents that want a more hands-on approach.

We take all the science about sleep and create a program that will cause LESS stress or cortisol levels to rise in you and your baby. The sleep plan will be more hands-on for parents due to the need to respond often. Summer will coach and teach your family from the beginning the process can take a few weeks depending on the method you choose.

You will receive a complete written sleep plan with instructions that we (discussed in your consultation) naturally woven into the 24-hour schedule, including naps, night sleep, and eating schedule, that is best for baby/child’s age.

Summer will offer 5 weeks of UNLIMITED support after initial training. You can choose 24/7 training or just nights 8-12 hours.

Overnight Newborn Care

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