How to get “Clean Sleep” for the Whole Family

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What is clean sleep and how do we achieve it?


Clean sleep for adults


If only sleep wasn’t mandatory and we could just do whatever we want. Well, it’s just not the case. When we sleep our brain is actually being “cleaned” repaired during our Non-REM sleep.

When you are trying to lose weight what steps do you take to lose weight?


  • Change diet
  • Buy workout clothes
  • Go to the GYM
  • Hire a personal trainer


These steps help you to lose weight. What is missing? SLEEP!

Sleep should be the first thing to change in your weight loss journey but is it really talked about NO! The easiest area to adjust but actually is one of the hardest.

So, here is what Gwyneth Paltrow recommends… on clean sleep.


  • Clean sheets and bedding.
  • Buy a fantastic mattress and pillow.
  • Make a bedtime routine.
  • Bath or shower before bed helps you relax.
  • Blackout curtains and sound machine or noise-canceling earplugs.
  • No electronics (start the screaming in your head now).
  • Read a book “paper book”.
  • Strict bedtime the same time every night.
  • No alcohol.
  • No caffeine past 1, or 2 pm.
  • Yoga before bed or rubbing your feet for 3 minutes at bedtime.
  • Last but not least – clothing- or no clothes. Gwyneth recommends NUDE is best.


Clean sleep is sticking to a bedtime and sleeping for 8-9 hours a night. Is this possible? It is but just like a diet you have to be strict.

Either way, it’s creating a sleep environment that is relaxing and calm, so you get the best night’s sleep.


How can you have a clean sleeping environment for your children?

Clean Sleeping, How to get “Clean Sleep” for the Whole Family

In infancy, we create a bedtime routine for our babies. Correct?


What does the nighttime ritual look like?


  • You pick a bedtime 7,8, or 9 pm.
  • Bath before bed each night.
  • Soft cotton PJs. Breathable.
  • Low night light or no light.
  • Feed before bed.
  • Swaddle or sleep sack.
  • Lullaby music playing low in the background while feeding.
  • In bed at your chosen time.
  • Clean sheets.
  • Safe sleep environment


You started this from birth. By creating a sleep environment your hope is baby relaxes and goes to sleep.

Of course, we understand babies will wake-up to eat throughout the night, but this routine will begin a lifetime of bedtime rituals.


How about older children and teens?

Sleep for the whole family

My suggestion to parents of older children is to remember they are growing up. So, we may want to adjust bedtime. Move them to a slightly later time such as 8, or 9 pm. I will usually suggest older children 6 years old and up.


Tips for bedtime:

  • Stick to the same bedtime every night even on weekends.

“The body requires us to have so much sleep, so we need to be as consistent as possible.”

  • Bath or shower every night. Kids may not like it as they get older, but it does help them to get ready for bed.
  • No caffeine past 1 pm – soda, aspirin, chocolate…etc.
  • Allow a wind-down time 20 minutes after bath or shower.

“This is for toddler- teens they need to relax before falling asleep.”

  • Be consistent with words- such as allow them to prepare for bed.

“We have 30 minutes before bath time- 10 minutes – 2 minutes start the bath”.

  • Kids need options- pick out 2 only bedtime cotton PJ’s.
  • Books our read after the 20-minute playtime after the bath they get to pick 2 books.


Overall “clean sleep” is about structure/routine. Making sure everyone is getting good sleep is vital for families and their mental health. I hope I could help just a little bit with ideas. For more information or support please reach out to Summer@summerssleepsecrets.com




Written and published by:

Summer Hartman


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