Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Sack Does It Work? Why it's Successful


Are you a new parent? Have you recently had a baby? Have you tried to sleep train? We see many baby items on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. We can't suggest many products as newborn care specialists and sleep consultants because we follow safe sleep guidelines.


It's hard to know what a good product is until you buy it and find out for yourself. As newborn care specialists and sleep consultants companies, ask us to try out their products. My clients love it because I will bring it and use it on their babies and see how it works.


As we know, as parents we have a lot of things on our minds. Sleep training isn't an easy choice, and many variables go into sleep. Questions to ask yourself; Is your baby gaining weight? Do they have any medical issues? Are they ready to start stretching their night feedings? Is your baby four months or older? Do you have a safe sleep space to train your baby?


Are you ready to train? The right environment is vital; darkroom, crib, sound machine, and sleep sack. I'm always looking for products that will help parents and make the process easier for the baby. 


Tara and her team back in February 2021 asked to be part of my podcast.  I loved her passion for her weighted sleep sacks and swaddles. Her story is unique about how she fought to be on SHARK TANK. She never gave up!


Now I have lots of questions because I must be very sure that if we're recommending an item, that we believe in that item, and we aren't wasting our client's money.


So, Tara sent us her product to review. And after reviewing it, I loved the concept.

Now, you want to make sure the baby has proper weight, my client's baby was 10 pounds and was two months old, and we were moving the baby from a swaddle to a sleep sack. Over the next week, she slept 8 hour stretches with one feeding, and I believe the weighted sleep sack did help. I was happy with the results, and so was my client.


Over the last year, I could get the baby comfortable and sleep longer stretches in the Dreamland baby weighted sleep sack with multiple clients. Each client has different results; parents can get longer sleep stretches for the most part.  


Here is an example of a 6-month old I worked with last fall. The baby was waking multiple times a night, and parents would bring the baby to their bed, and mom would nurse all night. The first time they tried to sleep train, mom nursed for 30-minutes and laid the baby in the crib; he fussed for about 1-hour, he would move all over the crib and get frustrated.


They needed the baby to stay in his crib and avoid bed-sharing, but we're not sure how to train because they had tried letting him cry, and after 1 hour, they had to stop; it was too hard on the whole family. So, I suggested they purchase the Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sack to help the transition. 


With the dreamland-weighted sleep sack, he could calm down faster the first night. We agreed to a gentle sleep training approach with as little crying or no crying and having both the weighted sleep sack our attached sleep approach with no crying evolved over ten days he was sleeping 11 hours in his crib. It's been a great tool to use with my sleep training clients. 


I'm always looking for ways to support new families and make sleep training as easy as possible. I would suggest parents purchase the dreamland weighted sleep sack before sleep training their baby or even a toddler would benefit. 


Tara covered all the areas that are needed that first year of life. So, I would highly recommend if you're going to be using a transition swaddle or sleep sack, I go to the Dreamland Baby website and purchase because this is one of those items that it's worth a try.

Why not?


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