Baby Sleep Coach

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a newborn care specialist? Or baby sleep coach offer? Does your baby have a difficult time falling asleep on his/her own, or waking frequently throughout the night? Are naps difficult? Summer will come in and customize a plan that the family can implement immediately.  Summer has a proven method of developing sleep plans through collaboration with you, based on your life and parenting style.

Consultations offered: newborn consult, new parent consult, infant sleep shaping, sleep training, feeding issues, reflux, colic support, toddler behavioral support.

Each week I receive calls and emails from parents asking about sleep training their little ones. The question arises often in regards to what method do you use? The summer method is a combination of methods. We adapt to each family based on parenting style.

Why Hire a Baby Sleep Consultant/Baby Sleep Coach?

You can check out my tips here, but a baby sleep coach looks at the whole picture. One focus is the daytime routine and how many ounces your baby consumes. This is where it is helpful to hire a baby sleep coach, that will make a personalized sleep plan. What about the pesky sleep regression (a.k.a. transition)? Transitions are periods when a baby or child is having a growth spurt! We help adjust your baby during this period. Each family will need to fill out a questionnaire with details about babies day.


Infant Sleep Training ( Fast Approach)

Summer’s sleep training program is based on years of experience and proven methods. Your family will receive a customized plan that will provide you and your child sleep within 3-4 days. She will tailor a plan based on babies personality and make SURE all your needs along with babies needs are met!

Once you have the day chosen to begin, Summer will spend 24/7 for 3-4 days implementing a proven sleep method to have all of you sleeping through the night by the time she leaves. You will continue to have 3 weeks of UNLIMITED support to ensure that sleep continues.

Gentle Sleep Approach

Our program understands the concern about your babies circadian rhythm. This program is for parents that want a more hands-on approach.

We take all the science about sleep and create a program that will cause LESS stress or cortisol levels to rise in you and your baby. The sleep plan will be more hands-on for parents due to the need to respond often. Summer will coach and teach your family from the beginning the process can take a few weeks depending on the method you choose.

You will receive a complete written sleep plan with instructions that we (discussed in your consultation) naturally woven into the 24-hour schedule, including naps, night sleep, and eating schedule, that is best for baby/child’s age.

Summer will offer 5 weeks of UNLIMITED support after initial training. You can choose 24/7 training or just nights 8-12 hours.

We’re happy to support you and your baby, please schedule a call CLICK here or book your consultation below.

Follow Up and Returning Client Support $ 195

  • For returning clients who desire additional coaching with their sleep plan, or a refresher to get things back on track after an illness, travel, time change, relocation or developmental milestone.
  • 1 hour typically includes: Updated intake form + current sleep log evaluation 30-minute call + My recommendations and notes from our call emailed to you within 24 hours. *I may make adjustments to how this 1 hour is used, depending on what best meets your specific needs.
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