Monthly Baby Concierge Plan

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Baby Insurance

A baby care plan is like baby insurance. Have you ever thought to yourself? I wish I could call and get the answer? Please call your pediatrician; you should for any medical questions. 

Brand New Baby Service

Many parents call with questions about general baby care, not just sleep; this Monthly Baby Concierge Plan has just developed into a great baby service providing support in all baby care.

Limit FIVE Clients Monthly

This is a full-service concierge for all baby care. We want to make sure each client is taken care of and has our undivided support. Are you pregnant? Or just had a baby?

What is in the PLAN?

  • Nursery design
  • Bringing baby home
  • Bathing
  • Nursing support
  • Postpartum care
  • Formula 
  • Newborn routine
  • Daily care questions
  • Nanny training
  • Sleep questions
  • Scheduling adjustments

What is in the PLAN? 

  • Overnight sleep advice
  • Feeding Aversion
  • Reflux and colic support
  • Starting solids
  • Sleep regressions, AKA transitions
  • How to work with twins and triplets
  • Toddler throwing tantrums
  • Transition to toddler bed
  • Adoption Support
  • Foster Care Support
  • Surrogate Support


  • Unlimited texting or VOXER support 24/7 ( $ 997 value)
  • Unlimited email support ( $ 197 value)
  • Morning Check-In ( $ 697 weekly value) 
  • Friday 30 minute video check-in ( $ 100 value)
  • Motherhood Journal ($ 20 value) 
  • Access to Honestly Me Video Series ( $ 47 value)
  • Access to Summer's Private Group
  • Why is this a good option? Are you a person that takes direction well? Do you feel better when you have instructions?


Baby Concierge is your parenting guide to everything, baby and toddler.

We will cover ages 0-2 years old.  

With over 50,000 hours of supporting parents, I'm excited to bring my extensive knowledge to your family. As a newborn care specialist and sleep consultant, I have extensive training and am updated with the latest AAP guidelines. 

Are you pregnant? Would you like to have your own private postpartum support? 

Booking with our baby concierge plan will ensure your NEVER alone any question or concerns can be asked 24/7 through our support team. 

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