9 month old sleep consultation

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My name is Becca and my son Kaysen is now 9 and a half months. My story is a bit more complicated but I am sure someone can relate to this or a least a version of it. My son was due to have surgery when he was 8 and half months old. At 7 months Kaysen was waking up once or so a night to eat and about once a week one of those times he would be awake for an hour or so. So our wanting to bring on a sleep trainer was to help us get him to not need food, along with seeing why he was staying awake and also help with self-soothing. We wanted all this to be resourceful for his upcoming surgery. My husband and I didn’t want to go the route where they cry so we choose a lady who said her method worked and we didn’t need to apply any cry out methods. Fast forward one week it worked well after one week for the next 4 weeks it was a living nightmare. My son went from waking up once a night to waking up three times a night and each time being awake for long stretches of time. We went from what we thought was a problem to an actual problem. My husband and I were worse than we had ever been our son had resorted to ways we had never experienced. We were referred to Summer and I called her in desperation. I actually thought she would tell us there was nothing she could do. That other sleep trainer had told us she hadn’t seen what happened to happen before and she didn’t know what to do. But no Summer started with us ASAP, she literally was confident that we would get this figured out and was not worried at all. She was calm, confident and ready and willing to do what it took. She coached us on what to do before she came over for a stay over, what is amazing about Summer is she always answers no matter what time. I literally don’t think she sleeps. I text at 2 am she answers, I text the next day at 4 am she answers, I text at 1 am she answers she is always their thank goodness because we need that. She helps coach you the parents on learning your child’s cry, on learning when to go in and how often. The thing I learned in this process is the baby needs to learn to self-soothe, they need to know how to put themselves back to sleep. We were making that impossible for our son because every time he cried we came in, we were never able to give him the opportunity to teach himself to talk and work through it. Summer was honestly and is honestly the best thing that happened to us and our little one. She not only got our baby sleeping through the night but she continues to help with milestones, she checks in, she goes over what they should be eating with menu ideas, she helps with teething she helps with making sure medication and the food is properly the right fit for your child. I would recommend Summer 1000 times over and will continue to. She is amazing and we will have her on speed dial when the next one comes!

Becca & Kaysen

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