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As a new first time mom, I read a ton of books, bought all the best essentials, and took some beginner classes. I felt pretty ready. When my daughter was born it was the most amazing time ever, it was also overwhelming, to say the least.  It was becoming increasingly more difficult to get a straight answer for basic questions. My pediatrician, lactation consultant, night nurse, in-laws, friends, and anyone else all had a different answer to the same question.  Mix that together with no sleep and it equals zero fun.  I was all over the place and my daughter was running the show.  I needed some guidance.
A friend of mine recommended I call Summer. After speaking on the phone with Summer I booked her flight the same day.
Summer stayed with us for 5 days and 6 nights.   She was warm and felt familiar, yet assertive, and confident.  Summer assessed the situation, took the pulse of my household and knew exactly what to do. She uses a combination of methods and a schedule she created that best suited our family.  As a result, Summer got my baby down from 3-5 feedings, to 1 feeding a night, adjusted our day to a wonderful routine, moved our daughter into her own room, and pointed out things that would have taken me MONTHS to figure out.  For the first time since becoming pregnant, I can entertain the idea of having a second child!
This review does not do justice to how much Summer did for my family and I!

Renee, Jason, and Ava Pollack – Philadelphia, PA

January 2018

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