20-Month Old Sleep Issues

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I was referred to Summer by a mutual connection, Amanda with Butterfly Baby Concierge, for S.O.S. help with our suddenly-sleep-revolting 20mo old son. Previously a gold-star sleeper, he (our 2nd kid) completely unraveled over the course of 2 weeks, to the point that he was standing up in his crib for upwards of 4-6 hours per night and refusing all naps. Having floundered through all approaches we could find (without consistency or success), we found ourselves at a loss — and needing the fast track back to sanity, as we were expecting our 3rd baby that same month!!

Summer responded super promptly when I reached out by email, setting up a phone interview for the next day. She asked thoughtful questions and was quickly able to pierce through my convoluted, sleep-deprived, pregnant-brain recounting of events to establish a simple and straightforward plan that I could then easily communicate to my husband. And – most importantly – IT WORKED. In under a week. What?!?

We are so thankful to her for helping us find Due North in the sleep regression storm. We needed her wisdom and she came in like a lighthouse! Summer, I am keeping your contact, and I’m not waiting so long to reach out next time! Thank you so much.



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