13 month old Sleep Consultation

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Again, thank you SOOOO much for your support! You were a Godsend!

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Summer and her services she provided. I am a single Mom of a 13-month-old baby girl. Who is also working full-time. My story is a little different from most. I have a dream of a child and newborn from the get-go. She has been sleeping through the night since six weeks old. At about 11 months, she caught a mild cold. She was very much in need of Mama’s love and comfort. Which I happily gave. She was waking in the middle of the night because she was unable to breathe. That carried on for about three to four nights she was not herself, not able to soothe herself back to sleep, so I became the soother. Well, it created new bad habits! Once she was better, most nights she was unable to go back to sleep with some comfort from me. She would cry immediately from my departure from her room. This would carry on for an hour and many nights up to three hours. It was very taxing and exhausting for me! I would get to the point where I would just bring her to my bed with me so both of us could get some sleep. Bad news bears!

I could not take it a moment longer and contacted another consultant. She referred me to Summer due to her schedule being full. Boy, am I glad things worked as they did! I am a firm believer that everything happens exactly how it is supposed to. What I noticed about her, was that she listened to my story and immediately said what I needed. She was very honest and did not try to get to spend money that was not needed for services that we did not need. What I love about her most is her understanding, her ability to respond in a very timely manner, and most of all the support she gave me in the middle of my crisis.

After taking her advice, I am happy to say that within a few days (a week at most), my daughter is back to sleeping through the night and if she does wake, she is very good about self-soothing herself back to sleep. I cannot express my gratitude for Summer and her knowledge and most of all her support! You will not be disappointed by her and her services! Phone her today!

Michelle 2017


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